Belief Relief Audio

Im glad that you are joining us for ImagiCreation’s Belief Relief Teleseminar!

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Recorded Sunday, November 11, 2012
Please have paper and pen(cil) handy during the call.

Mac users Option Click to download.

Individual Frequency Flow Processes:

  1. Frequency_Flow_General
  2. Frequency_Flow_Anscestral_DNA
  3. Frequency_Flow_Spiritual_Beliefs
  4. Frequency_Flow_Spiritual_vs_Physical
  5. Frequency_Flow_Physical_Appearance
  6. Frequency_Flow_Relationships





One thought on “Belief Relief Audio

  1. Hi Sarah
    Whatever you did with the frequency yesterday litterally lifted me up and out of the previous heaviness my body was carrying. I believe it was locked in my ancestral DNA. Whatever you are doing, please continue this as it does wonders:)
    Eternally grateful

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