Transformation Series

New from Sarah Biermann and Imagi-Creation – Transformation Series
Almost fourteen hours of powerful clearings and processes.

The Transformation Series is a Seven Module Set in mp3 format that is specifically designed to remove Old Energy limitations and install and activate the New Energy Templates that have become available now.

These are exciting and sometimes challenging times.  We are living through a planetary revolution like no other.  It is affecting not only the established government and political systems and also all the institutions including financial, medical, educational and social.
The majority of the people who are currently incarnating have made an unprecedented choice to change the process of completing our education in the physical realm.  In previous cycles of incarnation when we were ready to graduate from the Earth Game we “dissolved (into the wave)” our physical bodies (particles) and “ascended”.  This time we are doing it differently we are taking our bodies with us instead of leaving our bodies

Seven Modules – in mp3 format to listen online or download:

1) July 22: Physical Body – Specific Systems including the Endocrine System, Digestion, Brain and Nerves,Immune System, Individual Organs, etc..

2) August 5 Core Distortions – Personality, Emotional and Mental Patterns

3) August 19: Self Love, Self Worth, Self Trust: Releasing Doubt and Fear, Staying conscious and in the now.

4) September 2: Relationships/Partnerships – Masculine/Feminine Energies – Sex

5) September 16: Appropriate Energy Exchange -Money, Security, Receiving, Affluence

6) September 30: Connection with the Gaia/Earth and the Beings Who Live Here: – Animal, Plant and Mineral Kingdoms, Fairies and Other “Unseen” Beings on/in our Planet – Stewardship of Earth

7) October 14: Connection with Beings Who Live Off Planet: Your Greater Self, Other Aspects of Self, Star Families, Celestial Entities and Source

Each Module contains almost two hours of powerful transformation processes that include:
  1. One comprehensive audio that cover the whole subject -approx. 45 – 60 minutes
  2. One shorter comprehensive audio to use after the first one as a quick way to get overall results when you don’t have the time for the longer one.
  3. Several Specific, Focused Process – approx. 10 minutes each.  Examples: You can listen to the specific process for your immune system if you are feeling sick or one for relationships before you meet a potential partner.
  4. You will be guided to create symbols (angel, totem animal, plant/flower or crystal) to link you to the energies contained in each module. This can be used if you are in a stressful situation, or can’t listen to the audio for whatever reason.
  5. Half off the cost of individual Skype or telephone sessions with Sarah. (with the purchase of all seven modules.
  6. 30% off off the cost of individual Skype or telephone sessions with Sarah. (with the purchase of three or more modules separately or at the same time.)

The processes are designed to work on conscious as well as unconscious levels.  Each process will be energized and supported by specific angels/god or goddesses, ascended masters and your personal soul family.

The Transformation Series is designed to work with as much ease as possible and the audios are designed to be listened to repeatedly each time releasing more of the distortions and activating more of your new templates.


 Individual Modules  $49.00
With purchase or 3 or more modules you get 30% off Individual Sessions

You may choose the quantity from the shopping cart.  After completion of payment you will be taken to a page with directions for picking your module(s).


Seven Module Series $274.00
Includes 50 % off Individual Sessions

Or make two payments (one each month) of  $139.00 for all 7 modules
Your first payment will happen when you register.
The second payment will automatically happen through PayPal in 1 month.
After that payments will automatically stop.
Includes 50 % off Individual Sessions

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