Creativity, Sex and Money Webinar

Date: Saturday, June 1, 2013
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time (Same as San Francisco. Check the World Clock for your time zone.)
Cost: $33.33

The mp3 recording is included. I guarantee that if you listen again you will hear and experience things that you don’t remember from the first time.

Anybody feeling stuck, confused or frustrated with your creativity, sexual/life-force energy and/or money situation? These things are all related to each other and to our ability to connect with each other and our world. Truthfully, right now there are a lot of reasons to NOT connect. So many of us are isolated, sometimes it is because there aren’t any like-minded/spirited people around, but often we take ourselves away in order to survive here. It just hurts to be around some people and be so empathic and aware. So we shut down… and the creativity, sexual/life-force energy and money shut down too. 

The time has come to turn back on and to connect! Everything has a consciousness, from a man, to mango to money. When you have a deep and safe connection to these things, you live a rich and satisfying life.

It is your Creator-given right to manifest your desires. Your body is designed to partake in the juicy, sexy flow of life! And you deserve to be supported and feel secure. Since money is still going to be necessary for a while, we need an open and loving connection with money.

So let’s do this thing! Let’s bring in the new templates and anchor them here. You are invited to be one of the bold leaders who will manifest a new way of living in this Garden of Earthly Delights

The theme of the energetic templates or codes that are coming in now, especially during the eclipse cycle (April 25th – May 24th) is all about connection and harmony, and enjoying the beautiful planet and our lives. At the beginning there was an opening to the shadow land (Full Moon in Scorpio on April 25th) and a release of the intense negative emotions stored there. That made it possible to receive the templates for a new way of living on Earth and connecting to all the yummy things here (New Moon in Taurus on May 9th). Shamanic Astrology describes Taurus as “seeking the Garden of Earthly Delights.”

An artist friend asked for “painting lessons” while asleep. They advised her, as an example, to not paint just a person and a tree, instead to paint the connection between them. The connection is what is vital. Of course, that is not just a painting lesson; it is a life lesson. What matters are the connections we have with people, animals, plants, nature, etc.

We connect through feelings, emotions and senses. First we use the five senses. I see you, the expressions on your face. I hear you speak, the words and inflections in your voice give me more information and connection. Empathic people perceive the emotions that are often hidden inside someone. This can be a gift but often feels like a curse.

Sensitive people have been overwhelmed by the low frequency energies of the old earth reality and needed to be away, alone and separate to find their authentic selves. But, we can not continue this way. It hurts, the well has run dry, there is nothing left. We have to connect again, but in a different way.

I remember my dream of joining the life of a young Mayan man. That life was so connected and filled with meaning. When I say connected, the word feels limited. I was in direct communication with the sacred mountain, with the grains, with the flow of human meaning and history. I had a community. When I came back to modern times, I sobbed.

The time of left-brain, patriarchy is coming to the end (though it has certainly had it’s perks – I love my computer which allows me to reach all of you).

All of you who carry the seed of the new earth reality; balanced, connected, luscious and abundant, please join us.

2 thoughts on “Creativity, Sex and Money Webinar

  1. Good morning Sarah,
    I thought it was just my unreliable internet server, so I used my iPhone for the webinar instead.
    I wondered why my questions and comments posted in the comment box throughout the hour – about 4 as I recall – where either not seen, or dismissed, by Richard when you asked for responses via the web? Each time submitted the ‘thank you’ response did show up. Perhaps that part of technology was not working either?
    Now I would like to download the recording, but since I already paid for the webinar, I don’t know how to get past the PayPal via this post by you. Help!

  2. I have been ‘with you’ for a long time; and the profile you give for this webinar has my name written all over it! Ready to focus on the feelings that will manifest the bounty of this beautiful planet! I am a Taurus (April 30th) and ready to connect (again) in my new phoenix-rising Glory-Being:))

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