“Sarah, I just want to tell you how amazed I am at the difference a day makes!  After we worked with the various aspects of myself by getting to know each aspect and letting them have their say, it has been a 180 degree turnaround since the very next day.  It’s been a month now and my inner critic has been much quieter and I have felt much more at peace.  Thank you”



“I have to say i just LOVE listening to your teleseminars! This last one I listened to, at one point I just sobbed…it felt so good to feel such a connection and to remember I am not alone with my ideas, thoughts, and visions! You are always that reminder for me….
Meeting you through your website and teleclasses, etc, has been just so wonderful.  Thank you for the incredible job you are doing BEING you!”

Much love,

Hi Sarah ~

You are amazing! Even though I felt so much happier and lighter after our session, I didn’t expect much more than that. Just as you predicted, about a 1/2 hour after speaking with you, I fell into a deep 2 hour sleep. When I woke up I felt even lighter and happier.

Well…that was just the start. I don’t know if I mentioned to you that I’ve been having horrible nightmares. Last night however I dreamed that I was joyously packing up all my stuff and moving out. I was so thrilled and relieved! I felt like I could fly, so I did throughout the rest of my dream.

When I woke up this morning, I looked in the mirror and noticed that all my blemishes were almost completely healed. My face didn’t hurt and feel like sandpaper anymore. I’ve had this serious skin problem for over 2 years now and nothing, even medications and lots of Reiki treatments, has helped heal my face. Between my nightmares and ravaged skin, I was becoming a real recluse. Now I can come out of hiding and help create Heaven on Earth along with the rest of the Lightworkers.

Thank you so much!

~ Jan the Snake Goddess

“ImagiCreation work is fabulous! One of the main things that I wanted to work on was my ability to perceive the “unseen” world. Right at the end of my session I suddenly noticed that the room was full of angels! At my massage class later that week I “saw” a young man helping my partner do massage. When I told her what I saw, she started to cry. Her son had died two years ago and she felt his presence frequently. He asked me to tell her that he was fine and that he loved her. It was an amazing experience for both of us.”
D.H. Corte Madera

Hi Sarah,

I enjoyed your article (The Transition Times: Is This Energy Mine?)  and found it helpful already.

I was walking though the grocery store the other
night and suddenly felt a pain in my hip. I asked if
it was mine and received a “No.” So I cleared it and
the pain vanished. Shortly after I felt a different
pain in my neck – again I asked if it was mine and
again I received a “No.” Again I cleared it and the
pain vanished. For the first time in a very long time
I was still walking straight by the end of grocery

I was even able to handle Fry’s!

Today I walked for hours all over Marine World.
Whenever pain or even a sudden emotion would hit, I’d
ask if it was mine — always received a “No.” Always
it cleared right away. By the end of the evening my
feet were in fact tired, but I was not limping.

One night as I was getting into bed some major pains
were hitting along with some sadness. I asked if it
was mine and received a “Definitely Not!” This
unexpected and emphatic response made me laugh. I
quickly cleared the energy and felt fine and peaceful.

Thank you for recognizing in me that empathic person
who can truly benefit from such a simple yet powerful


I must admit that I still feel really different these days.  Things just don’t tweak me like they used to.  I am just so “sitting back” waiting & watching what flows in.  When Drama shows up I find myself not playing – if that means leaving the conversation, the room, the relationship, I’m gone.  I really like the space I’m in right now.  Stuff happens but somehow I am skimming through it.  Super!
Elaine Seed

My experience with Sarah and her work was one of simplicity and power. It felt as if I had reconnected with an old friend who provided a space in which I was able to welcome more of myself home. Her technique was a synthesis of gentleness, clarity, and FUN!!! I feel such gratitude to myself and to her for our session, as it allowed me to embrace more of who I am. What a gift! I would whole-heartedly encourage anyone who feels drawn to work with Sarah to do so.
Beth Black, Newbury, MA
Here’s what Anne wrote after one session with me:
She came to me in pain and terrified of getting cancer. She felt like there was a “hard black placket” in her back.

“Everyone is telling me how young and dynamic I look.
My mind and body feel like springtime is breaking out all over (this started even before the weather started shifting).
I feel lighter in spirit.
I feel more ease about going with the flow of things – the flow of life, of ups and downs.
My shoulders and my neck feel much better, they hurt, but just a little and not in such a “chronic-feeling” way, and that I don’t feel that “black placket” feeling at all.

I have a new feeling more connected to the world around me, the physicality of that feeling, goes along with a feeling of bursting sexuality.  It’s not just sexuality — it’s vitality altogether.

I also feel more compassionate.

And much more playful — and especially I feel ATTUNED to the playful in life.  When a playful song comes on the radio after the BBC World News, I LIKE it.  Pop music!  I start to dance and wiggle in my bed, feeling good about everything.”

Anne Robinson – Geneva

“I had a smile on my face from the very beginning of our time together. Sarah took me through a wild and wonderful journey of self-exploration and healing. I feel so much lighter and brighter after our session together. I love the experiential healing process she takes you through and I will definitely call Sarah again!” – Scott

Thank you for the wonderful session this week! It went way beyond my expectations and I’m still feeling the shift and the release of old energies that were not really me. What remains is a much greater sense of, and appreciation for the true being I really am. I will recommend you to anyone who is ready for a big step forward on their path. And rest assured, I will be back for my next step soon.”
Much Love and Many Blessings,
Richard Ross
Albuquerque, NM

Dear Sarah,
I stumbled across your website and Golden Mesh meditation through your article in Spirit of Ma’at, September issue. Strangely enough, i have not read the article just scrolled down to see who its by, and got immediately drawn by the references about you and jumped onto your website. 🙂
I guess Angels helped me. 🙂
A little pre-history, why I am writing to express my gratitude and love to the work you do. (Please excuse me if i am getting to the point from a very long end, and English is not my mother-tongue…)
I am a spiritual being, stuck in material work for the time being (hopefully… 🙂 ), more importantly I am 12 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child.
I used to practice meditations (it became a daily motion for the last year) and learned lots of spiritual info over the past 12-13 years (and keep learning). I kept practicing daily meditation for at least up to 6 weeks of my pregnancy.
However just I reached 6 weeks in my pregnancy, I started to suffer from hardly bearable morning sickness (or frankly say 24/7 sickness). I fainted frequently, the reality changed, the things I used to like I start to loathe, I could not eat or drink, cook or drive.. etc. I felt I was a Universe (with a little universe inside) that stuck in a hostile environment – everything made me sick. The worst thing I discovered that I could not meditate the way I used to… the moment I concentrated on the breathing, already was a trigger to being sick.. So I stopped every time right there, and gave up trying.
I was so puzzled. I could not understand why I was going through such tough experience in my much wanted pregnancy, why that was happening to me right now… I was pregnant before (7 years ago) with my first child, I did have morning sickness but not as severe as this time, and I am still reasonably young and healthy (just turned 30). I have spent lots of time on the internet trying to find anything that could ease up my state; I found nothing that would work 100% on me…
Although I found, that lazurite crystal helped when I had abdominal pains and mild nausea, as well as Tom Kenyon Healing song, however it was not that effective in the worst cases.

But I was longing to find The Meditation that would help me and many other pregnant women to relieve the sickness. I asked angels in my Heart to help to find that wonderful remedy.
Then finally I found your meditation – Using the Golden Mesh. What a wonderful and perfect way to remove all the energies I managed to absorb during my pregnancy!
It made me instantly realize, that while I am pregnant I am in a different state of consciousness (or vibration), and perceive the reality of this world very finely.
The Golden Mesh cleared so much picked up estranged waves; I hardly could believe it! Miraculously my physical state improved immediately! Nausea and other symptoms are just disappeared! I felt uplifted, and relieved.So relieved that I decided to write you about it,  cause I think the world need to know that this Meditation really does help pregnant women to fight morning sickness, which is most likely caused by absorbed energies. I am already extremely happy and confident that I can just use the Golden Mesh to fix my state! 🙂 Please accept my gratitude and love for everything you do!

With love and light,

PS: please feel free to use my experience to inform other women! 🙂

Diana Falby (Russian by origin)
Peterborough, UK

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