Visioning 2013 and Beyond Webinar

December 21, 2012 has finally come and gone! Now there are potentials opening that haven’t been available before. I am truly excited to be here now and to experience this transformation. We all have put a huge amount of love and effort to get us to this point. In many incarnations and especially in this lifetime. And it hasn’t always (mostly) been easy. So many of us are physically alone because we’ve spread ourselves around the planet to balance the energy. We’re surrounded by people who don’t understand what’s really happening here and they certainly don’t understand us! But it’s worth it… We’re able to unite via telephone and internet and of course, energetically. Our efforts have made it possible to manifest potentials previously only dreamed of. By uniting our energies and supporting each other we are able to manifest even more.

I chose the timing of the Visioning 2013 and Beyond Webinar with a lot of thought with deliberate intention. First, I thought, “What do I want to do on December 21st?” I would really like to spend time with myself, my family, a friend or two and with nature/the planet. I will be energetically connecting with all of you too. But I will keep it simple and inwardly focused because that’s what feels right to me.

I chose December 22nd because that day is the beginning of a new era and, quite frankly, I expect a lot of people will be disappointed on December 21st. I wrote in more detail in the article 12/21/12 and Beyond, but the bottom line is that it will most likely appear to be just another day like the other special dates (Y2K, 11/11/11, etc.).

So, that’s why I am having a webinar on December 22nd, to remind you that the change is within YOU and it is happening. We will also be visioning 2013 and beyond. Because what happens on December 21st is not the important thing, it’s what happens afterwards.

I hope that you will join us on December 22nd to do  just that during ImagiCreation’s Visioning 2013 and Beyond Webinar.

Recorded December 22, 2012
Cost: $ 22:12 (I couldn’t resist!)

Important! At the completion of payment through PayPal you will be automatically taken to the Visioning 2012 and Beyond Webinar Page. Remember to bookmark that page as you will not be receiving a separate email with the link. 

Make sure to have a notebook and pen to write with during the webinar.

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