Solstice Webinar: Choice and Magic

We are coming to the end of 2013 (phew!) For many of us, this has been a challenging year! 2013 is a 6 year. The qualities of 6 include balance, responsibility, love (including self-love), family and other relationships. The astrological equivalent is Cancer, which can be sensitive and emotional.

2014 is a 7 year which correlates with Pisces. Key words are inner wisdom, metaphysical and spiritual mysteries, intuition and solitude. 7 is quiet and contemplative. Expect less intensity, especially in your relationships. Our ability to manifest magically is increased.

The sun represents and actually is the source of our energy. Cosmic communication and spiritual energy originates in the universal center and travels to the galactic center, then flows through Sirius to our sun and then to Earth. The winter solstice is a point when the “cosmic wind” for each year is completed. Every year has specific energetics (there are longer and shorter cycles, of course). Then the cosmic wind for the new year begins, increasing in potency at mid-year at the summer solstice. Since the winter solstice, summer solstice, vernal equinox, and autumnal equinox were probably observed for the first time by people in the northern hemisphere, these naming conventions originally corresponded to the northern hemisphere’s seasons. Also, about 90% of the population lives in the northern hemisphere, so the cosmic energy of the northern hemisphere affects the whole planet.

At the time when we complete one cycle and begin a new one, there is great potential release limitations associated with the old cycle. We can also focus on the “blessings” that come with the new cycle and limit the challenges. It is at the point of origin that you have the most choice about using the cosmic wind.

Please join us for Imagi-Creation’s Solstice Webinar. There are three sections:

  1. Clearing any 2013 junk, especially in the area of relationships and balance.
  2. Connecting with your cosmic support team, or deepening your relationship with spirit. Start the year with the cosmic wind at your back.
  3. Creating specific requests for aid in manifesting your choices.

And we’ll get the compounded strength of the group!

Recorded December 21, 2013
Cost: $33.11

One thought on “Solstice Webinar: Choice and Magic

  1. I enjoyed the experience and thought that the recording would be included in the payment made; however, please provide a link or directions on how,
    where, I find it to download.

    I want to do it again, especially the guided meditation. Thank you so much:))
    Linda Nebon

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