Sirius Rising Webinar

SiriusDirect download of self-love and the Sacred Inner Marriage from the Galactic Center, out the Galactic “Arm”, through Sirius, to our Sun and to us!

I was blown away during the webinar, when we were surrounded by Isis, Osiris, Jesus, Mary M. and A.A. Michael.

The LOVELY energy is still intact in the recording!

Recorded July 21, 2015
Cost: $33.00

Includes the mp3 download.


Are you Sirian?

Sirians have been invested in Earth’s evolution for a long time. They seeded higher technologies on other planets before coming to Earth. One of those planets was called Maldec. The people there misused the technology and their planet was destroyed. Maldec is now the asteroid belt in our solar system. For this reason many Sirians feel a sense of responsibility and guilt and they don’t know why.

Most Sirians have what I call the Sirian Mission. It is a big service agreement that they have carried since before they began their cycles of incarnation.

Sirians also shared technology during the Atlantian and Egyptian experiences. Sirians were the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

Sirians are very responsible and are humanitarians. They usually choose healing, teaching or some type of work that is in service to humanity or the planet. Sirians are naturally empathic and intuitive. It is such a natural and normal part of them that sometimes they don’t even recognize it.

Sirians tend to be balanced in their feminine and masculine energies, with a good connection between the mind and the heart. If you feel safe with someone, like you can tell him or her your “stuff” without being judged, then s/he is probably a Sirian.

Sirians are going through some big changes right now, especially releasing old contracts and missions. These agreements were all designed to help the planet get to the place of ascension. Since that choice has been made the old missions are no longer needed.

2 thoughts on “Sirius Rising Webinar

  1. Hi Bekki, I am glad that you resonated with this information. I was blown away during the webinar, when we were surrounded by Isis, Osiris, Jesus, Mary M. and A.A. Michael. The powerful self-love energy and the sacred marriage within felt amazing! All five are very powerful, loving beings.

  2. Yay!!! I like the bit about moving on from old contracts into new stuff 🙂

    From the description above, I’d say I’m pretty sure of Sirian “stock”

    I’m a teacher, have come into quite a good balance, people feel comfortable bring with me and telling me things,…

    all is well

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