Sacred Human Webinar

Recorded Saturday, November 22, 2014 –  22/11 or 11/22!
Cost:  Only $22.11 ( I lowered my usual price because of the numerology and as I look forward to Thanksgiving, I wanted to give you all a gift to say, “Thank you for being part of the Imagi-Creation Community!”)

This webinar will not only prepare you for the (often challenging) holiday season.  Because this is a time when so many religious, cultural, spiritual patterns are triggered, this means it is the perfect time for transforming the limitations and experiencing self-love and freedom on a whole new level.

St. Germain, Ahrazu/Osiris and Isis, Archangel Michael, Jesus/Yeshua and Miriam/Mary Magdelane and a whole host of Angels offer their unique and powerful wisdom and love.

Recorded November 22, 2014   111/22 or 22/11!  The cosmic, intuitive and masterful frequencies of these two master numbers are imbued in the audio, regardless of what “now moment” when you might listen.

I was surprised at how clear, uplifted and blessed I felt at the end!

You will learn specific and powerful tools to maintain your “sacredness” even while doing all the mundane things required to be a human now.  (Even while spending special time with your family.)

Release the judgments and limitations and to awaken your Sacred Seed.  Archangel Michael offered me the magic and wisdom of this seed of self-love many years ago.  Though it is way older than two-thousand years, Yeshua and Miriam made it available, Carefully hidden until we were ready.  Now is the time!

I think the most challenging aspect of the Transformation is maintaining our sense of sacredness during the Transition Times.  The challenges is that we know what is possible – the amazing, beautiful and magical potentials that are part of the New Earth Game, yet that reality is still overlaid with the limiting programs of the Old Earth Game.  It is so difficult to deal with our empathic awareness’s and the overwhelm of perceiving and sometimes taking on the negative emotions and thought of others.

There are people who have no clue about the Transformation going happily along, enjoying successful lives.  We believe that abundance is our “natural state” as souls, yet here on Earth it is challenging to manifest prosperity when we can no longer fit in (survive) in a corporate environment or a “regular 40 hours a week job”.  What’s up with that?  Would you like to change this?

We are drawn toward spiritual or cosmic wisdom and are able to attain a sense of expanded awareness and/or raised frequency and inter-connectivity with other souls, our Greater Self, Angels etc. when we are in nature, with like-minded/like-spirited others, with our teachers/mentors or alone, doing our “spiritual practices”.  Yet, when outside of those situations, in the “real world” or “regular life” it can feel like we loose that magic and sink down into lower frequencies.

It is a constant adjustment (at best) to a battle to try to find and keep the sense of sacredness in our mundane lives.  This is not new.  I have heard about this obstacle  from so many people, clients, family and friends, and have certainly experienced it myself.

We can beat this thing!

Some of the numerological frequencies imbued in the audio.

  • The date – 11/22: The numerology is great – two master numbers!  Eleven is called the Spiritual Messenger.  It is intuitive, inspirational and able to connect to cosmic wisdom.  Eleven is the number associated with the planet Uranus and the sigh Aquarius, the symbol of the Age of Aquarius!  Some people with 11 as a core number include Mozart, da Vinci, Anwar Sadat (Nobel Peace PRize winner), Princess Diana and me!  We have all enjoyed the little reminder of our divinity when seeing 11:11 on digital clocks.
  • Twenty-two is called The Master Builder.  It has the ability to see the larger picture and cosmic wisdom and to manifest this on Earth.  Another way of saying it is 22 is able to translate complex truths into practical language.  One quote is, “The mission of the  22 is to elevate its body and make it conscious of the oneness of mind, body and spirit.”  Sounds good to me!  22 is also very creative.  Some recognizable people with 22 as a core number include Woody Allen, Isaac Stern, Winston Churchill, Yogi Maharishi and… you guessed it…me!

I came across a book that is not my usual read, but started reading it.  The book is Zealot; the Life and Times of Jesus or Nazareth, By Resa Aslan.  The description is “…a fascinating, provocative, and meticulously researched biography that challenges the long-held assumptions about the man we know as Jesus of Nazareth.”  This book caught my eye first because of the authors name, Resa is (I believe) is Iranian.  Is he a Muslim?  Second, his last name, Aslan, is the name of the wonderful, kind and very mysterious lion in the Narnia books, some of my favorite stories ever!  I believe that Aslan represents Jesus, for many reasons.  The book turned out to be fantastic!  Two decades of research reading documents is their original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.

I was not raised as a Christian but I did live at the same time and place of Jesus.  I found some quotes that gave me goosebumps!  I have written almost the same words in this life.  There will definitely be some surprises for you during the webinar.

I hope you enjoy it!

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