Releasing the Old and Manifesting the New Teleseminar

Image of Magical RealityRiding the Eclipse!

Recorded May 19, 2012
Cost: $33.00

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This teleseminar is designed really help to make the best use of the transformational energy that is coming to our planet now and especially on May 20th/21st when we there will be a total Eclipse in Gemini through June 4th and the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. And information about the Pleiades connection and influence right now.

I speak about what’s happening energetically, especially about the Solar Eclipse on May 20/21 and it’s partner on June 4, and shared some tools to help make these quickly-shifting times easier to maneuver. We travel to the New Earth to access the lovely frequencies that are available. Then I will lead you through an alchemical/shamanic process to clear old stuff. After that St. Germaine, Ahrazu/Osiris, Isis, Mother Mary, your special guides and I share techniques to manifest what you desire. The material is presented in a way that the exercises are not specific to a single experience or creation so you can use them again, either separately or together. If you need to do some clearing work you’ll have that audio. If you would like to do some manifesting, bingo!, you’ve got that one.

The Releasing the Old and Manifesting the New Meditation are edited and available to download individually. The mp3’s are included in the cost of the class.


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