New Year 2018 Webinar: The Year of Change

The Year of Change – What to Expect in 2018 (hint: a lot!)

Date: Monday, January 22, 2018
Time: 2:00 pm Pacific Time (Check the World Clock for your time zone.)
Cost: $33.00

Buy NowI am very excited about 2018! This is a year of real, visible change.
2018 is an 11 year, anchoring the 11:11, Aquarian Age in our physical reality. Though this doesn’t mean that this will be an easy year.

Since breakdown precedes breakthrough, we will be seeing lots of things falling apart, especially the Capricorn ruled things like government and institutions, management and control. Money and monetary systems will also affected.

We will also see breakthroughs, personally and globally.

2018 started off with a Super Full Moon with a Grand Trine (Moon, Mars and Jupiter and Neptune) and an opposition (Moon opposite the Sun and Venus) creating the “Kickoff” Kite formation (blue lines). The smooth flow and gifts of the trine are stimulated and challenged by the oppositions adding focus and tension.

During the webinar, I will go into detail about how this can play out in your life and globally.

Full Moon Jan. 1 2018

The first New Moon of the year also informs us about the energies to expect this year. This one starts with a Bang!
All planets are in direct motion, telling us it is full steam ahead! This year is a year of action.
There are an amazing 6 “planets” in Capricorn; Venus, Moon, Sun, Pluto, Mercury and Saturn. Yousa! Since Mercury is conjunct my natal Saturn, I have a lot to communicate about these energies.

New Moon Jan. 2018

I’ve also done some card readings about 2018 as well as channeling and intuiting information. A few words stand out do describe what I see:
doubt, collapse, disappointment, frustration, challenge and crisis
But also:
blessings, support, creativity, success, transformation, movement and faith

Whatever changes happen this year will ultimately lead to success, whatever success means to you.

If you are in crisis please have faith. Success is guaranteed.

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