New Moon, Hot Season Webinar

Recorded July 23, 2017

Our “Change Space” or “Alter Altar” is active now! Learn more below.
Includes the mp3 recording

Breakdown leads to breakthrough. During chaotic times, like now, the structure is broken down and we have increased access to parallel realities and easier jumping or switching to your preferred parallel. How cool is that!

The upcoming eclipse season, starting August 7th, is quite magical. More on this later…

In preparation for the Hot Season of Change I am doing two things:

1) I am starting off with this Webinar. My intention is that we get together and jointly choose our preferred parallel. Everyone who listens in any now moment is present for this event and will perceive and receive the energy and information.

2) Change Space or Alter Altar:

I have also created an altar that will help focus our joint intention and boost the strength. I have a ridiculous number of amazing crystals at my house from which I picked the ones that are the best for our joint intentions. I will place your name and a photo (if desired) in what I am calling a “vessel of transformation”, a gorgeous fluorite bowl, on the altar. Our “Transition Teams” will support the crystals, the elements, the friendly entities on and off planet and our own intentions.

The information I received is that the alter etc. will make it easier to stay aware, avoid the negative emotion traps and to focus your conscious creating. Yummy!

Our altar will change over time to adapt to our needs and desires.

Are you ready?

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