Dec. 2017 Free Webinar

Recorded December 10, 2017

The group meditation is awesome! We go outside of the Earth’s magnetic field (which holds the Old Energy Programs) and create bubbles of love and gratitude that we send to the Vatican, Washington DC, the City of London and Jerusalem. (And any other area that you choose.)
Right now the Sun is very calm, allowing our intentions and energy to be more effective.
Do you need to improve your intuition, to access and trust your inner wisdom, have accurate discernment and have a reliable “Truth-O-Meter (a clear signal that tells you yes/no, true/false)? at about an hour into the webinar I guide you through a process to develop and use your Truth-O-Meter.
It is important to use discernment as we go forward and through all the disclosures and changes as the Old Energy breaks down. (Breakdown leads to Breakthrough.)
After that the guided meditation begins. Who hoo!