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Sarah Biermann and Imagi-Creation offer a free webinar each month. This is a place where you can connect with your Spiritual Family, get great information, ask questions, experience cool processes and generally have fun. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcomed. Let’s put the power of the group to work!

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Recorded December 10, 2017

The group meditation is awesome! We go outside of the Earth’s magnetic field (which holds the Old Energy Programs) and create bubbles of love and gratitude that we send to the Vatican, Washington DC, the City of London and Jerusalem. (And any other area that you choose.)
Right now the Sun is very calm, allowing our intentions and energy to be more effective.
Do you need to improve your intuition, to access and trust your inner wisdom, have accurate discernment and have a reliable “Truth-O-Meter (a clear signal that tells you yes/no, true/false)? at about an hour into the webinar I guide you through a process to develop and use your Truth-O-Meter.
It is important to use discernment as we go forward and through all the disclosures and changes as the Old Energy breaks down. (Breakdown leads to Breakthrough.)
After that the guided meditation begins. Who hoo!

15 thoughts on “Imagi-Creation’s Monthly Webinar

  1. Thank you Sarah for always answering my questions. It is so important for us as humans experiencing all we are on Earth to evolve our divine masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves.It is interesting to me because I’m not quite sure what this means for us personally and collectively. The distortions are deeply ingrained in our beings. Although , I do see progress in menpersonally, as well as other. I am curious on how we will have true heart and soul based relationships that reflect the positive attributes of our right and left brain, it’s facinating to witness .

    Thank you for the time and energy you give to these free webinars. I so appreciate listening and learning from you.

  2. I was unable to hear this webinar until Tuesday, January 20th. The material and readings were enlightening…(I am pretty sure I am a “Clubs” though too…7/15/1957.) The information was keenly hitting a truth within me…can’t explain why or how…just felt that knowing. I had to review the webinar information…as there was so much to take in. If Clubs is knowledge and thoughts…then it is right on for me…I am a professor…and learning…knowledge…understanding, is my world.

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  4. Sarah, you just keep getting better and better… Living proof that we are creators. Totally amazing work that is completely made up and completely real ,,, you reassure me that I can do it for myself … Anything is possible. I am so inspired and so scared by that at the same time. So I am really excited about the inner Child work. I know this will help me soooo much. Thank you!

  5. I inJoy Imagicreations Monthly Free Webinar/ Sarahs work often. It is wonderful to hear her speaking simply about far out things.

  6. It was fantastic..and I didn’t have a chance to listen until later…and like you always say…you still answered my questions. Thanks Sarah.

  7. Thank you so much for all your healing and blessings at a heart core level. It’s beyond words! I feel so “at home” with the luminous being that you are, every time I listen to or read your comments and advises, I resonate with all you are kindly giving to all of us that are drawn to your Light. And I feel so good and happy! We all are indeed one. And thank you for the Glade…

  8. Love the sunshine exercise. I struggled for many years with shining as I had been told by several school teachers – and possibly my father – that if I shone too brightly, that would make other people feel bad. Thanks for reminding me my purpose is to shine.

  9. Wow…interesting start…I just figured that the taping started with the 15 minutes beforehand that you indicate. So as I caught your replay I just stayed on…and in your usual humorous manner…you just moved on!!

    Glad I did stay on…excellent webinar…messages so dead on about…everything. I look forward to the 25th.

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  11. Thank you so much for the webinar of 13th April. I resonate with you and your site very much and will make sure I listen to more of your meditations etc. You are doing a great job, hope I can do as good.

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