Magical Inner Child Webinar

Your secret to manifesting your dreams, feeling secure, creating health and so much more.

Recorded Saturday March 22, 2014
Cost: $33.00

Includes the mp3 recording.

From Karen: “Thank You for the inner child workshop it was fabulous and exactly where I am stuck! It totally makes sense why I kept hitting a road block with this. Loved, loved, loved it!!!”

I absolutely KNOW that it is time for the Spiritual Teachers and New Energy Leaders to be absolutely healthy, financially secure and wealthy and having much more real fun!  The key to achieving this in physical reality lies with your Inner Child.

Can you hear that voice inside of you?  It says, “Let’s do this!  This sounds so fun!”  This is simple childlike enthusiasm and knowing!  Usually this voice is followed by a discouraged adult voice that says something like:

—  ‘I don’t have enough time…
—  ‘I don’t have enough support…
—  ‘I don’t have enough money…
—  ‘What if it doesn’t work…?
—  ‘I’ve tried so many things…
—  ‘I’m just so tired of trying…

Unfortunately, we mostly listen to the adult voice.  Why? Because the adults who raised us and taught us had the same discouraged, adult voice in their heads!  When we experience adult disappointments and discouragements our inner child tries to protect us – to make the hurt “go away”.  The first place the hurt is hidden is in our bodies.  Sound familiar?

There is always an emotional component to any physical condition (physical includes your body, your finances and everything else in this physical reality).  So  the IC is the key and the pathway to creating our whole physical reality to be everything our IC (and “adult” selves) really desire!  A really fun, secure and yummy life!

Below is a list of some of the things that the Inner Child (IC) can be responsible for if not loved, or forgotten or neglected.

Low self esteem
Chronic or repeating physical challenges that you can’t fix with your regular (even New Energy/Spiritual) tools and techniques
Times when you feel good about self but not being able to keep that feeling, especially in certain situations or around certain people.
Sometimes your life feels too hard and you feel like hiding under covers in bed.
Sometimes you “beat yourself up” for not being “good enough” or having problems.
Not being able to ask for what you are worth – financial struggles

I invite you and your Inner Child to join us for a spiritual and “groovy-fun” event that will give you the awareness’ and tools to manifest your life full of enjoyment, delight, and satisfaction.

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