Jumping Timelines Webinar

Recorded August 7, 2017
The recording is included.
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This period of time with the eclipses, etc. is a huge opportunity to break free from the Old Earth Program and our historic imprisonment and abuse by the power-hungry “elite”.

That’s why the Old Energy Cabal is doing great everything they can to stop us from getting together to empower ourselves and change our reality. So, I’m going to do the webinar regardless of the interference!

Like I’ve said before, “Breakdown leads to Breakthrough!” During chaotic times it is easier to break free, choose a different reality and jump parallel timeliness. And we are certainly in chaotic times!

There are several things necessary to jump timelines and time. The first thing is that you have to BELIEVE that it is possible, you have to FEEL it. If the idea is just a mental construct or a something you have no conscious experience with, then success is less likely.

Since I’ve had so very many experiences playing with time and parallel realities, I absolutely believe it is possible and I know how to do it!

I have played with timelines for myself and with my clients. One can communicate with past and future selves, and change what happened/will happen. We can slide into a parallel that is better and/or bring energy back to this reality to change it. Sometimes our parallel selves trade places permanently or for a short time to “babysit”. Parallels can split and blend. If you can imagine it, it can be done.

I have many, many stories about this and since I believe it, I know how it feels and I have specific techniques, I can share this with you!

When groups get together for the same purpose and intention it is exponentially powerful!

I hope that you can join us live, despite the late notice, but if not the recording will contain the same powerful energy. You will be included in the event even if you aren’t participating tomorrow. That’s one of the magical things that can happen when you release the 3-D perspective of time and space. Many people have told me that they were listening to the recording (without participating live) and had a question come up. Shortly after that I would answer the question. How cool is that?!

There are six things you must do to jump parallels and choose to live in the New Earth. The first is to believe, as mentioned before. I can help with that.

The other 5 will be discussed during the webinar.

I will also talk about:

The astrology of the Full Moon Eclipse on the 7th
The New Moon Full Eclipse happening on August 21st (a real powerhouse event, especially for the U.S.)
What we can expect in the future.
What is important to move forward in the Transformation.

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