Imagi-Creation’s Inter-dimensional Communication Program

ImagiCreation’s Inter-dimensional Communication Program

I am pleased to offer an advanced program designed to open and expand your ability to communicate inter-dimentionally.

We are poised at a point when we are able to remember more of who we are and to connect with our Star Families in a conscious partnership. The quarantine that prevented overt contact with us is finally ending this year. What some call “first contact” is imminent . I have known for many years that when the time came I would be one of the Ambassadors to our Star Friends, especially the Sirians. For fourteen years I have been communicating with and channeling a Sirian Being who told me to call him Ahrazu, but he is better known as the Egyptian God Osiris. Who is Ahrazu/Osiris?

We are rapidly approaching a time when telepathic and inter-dimensional communication will be a natural way to interact with each other. The Veils of Illusion are thinning and we will once again be aware of and able to interact with many amazing and beautiful beings that live on, in, and around our planet. We are rapidly expanding our awareness of who we truly are. We are embodying more and more of our infinite Self. Our planet will be reuniting with the Galactic Community. Outside of this planet communication is telepathic because spoken language is very limiting. It’s time for us to remember how to communicate inter-dimensionally.

The focus of the ICP is expanding our senses way beyond the sixth sense. Our brains are changing and previously unused areas are turning on again. Read more in Psychic Explosion: Get Ready for 2012.

During the ICP you will expand your ability to perceive and communicate with:

  • The Plant, Animal and Mineral Kingdoms
  • Your body, your organs and cells
  • Angels, fairies, elementals and other “unseen” beings
  • Your Star Family – E.T.s
  • Your Soul Family – humans with whom you have a special connection because you incarnate together.
  • Your specific Mentor who works with you during and between lives.
  • The planet, the sun and solar system and beyond.

I will also work with you to create a deep and reliable connection with your Greater Self.

Imagi-Creation’s Inter-Dimensional Communication Program includes:

Two one-hour webinar recordings in mp3 format
One One-hour Individual Session via phone or Skype (if you choose this option)
Course Materials and worksheets for assignments – in pdf format
Email Support

This program contains the most up-to date and most transformational information and processes.


You have three options for purchasing this program.

  • The whole program for those who really want to “go for it”- one time fee, including an individual One-hour Session: $185.00
  • Split the payments into two months – including an individual One-hour Session: two payments of $95.00.
  • Have the webinar recordings and information packed course materials, but no individual One-hour Sesson: $79.00 (Option to add a session for only $99.00.)


One Time Payment of $185.00.




Or two payments of $95.00
You will be billed for the first payment when you register. The second payment will be processed automatically one month later. Then the payments will automatically stop.
(I am spacing the two payments one month apart for your budgeting purposes, so be aware that if you choose this option there will be a second payment charged AFTER you receive the program.)




One Time Payment of $79.00 – does not include the One-hour Individual Session

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