Hot Season Transformation Webinars

I believe that we are at a point when “The Event” is inevitable. The Event is the disclosure of the falsities of the Old Energy Reality, including the Secret Space Program, suppressed technology, Extra-terrestrials, the Cabal/Illuminati, etc. This will cause a tsunami of fear and cognitive dissonance. This will also create an opening for a huge shift, THE huge shift that we have all been waiting for. Finally!

Continuing to ride the waves of this hot season can be challenging! We can’t do it alone.

The focus of these webinars is two-fold:
1) To support and facilitate YOU through the upcoming weeks, especially moving through the challenges and keeping you in your preferred timeline.
2) To anchor the New Earth for our planet, sending New Earth energy to specific places in need and for the whole planet.

Included will be:
Information and insights about current affairs
Connection to your Soul and Greater Self for greater understanding from a spiritual/non-polarity point of view. This is vital going forward!
Processes/clearings to release limitations and negative emotions
Guided meditations to help you manifest the future/timeline you choose
How to “keep the love going” in your daily life
Answers to your questions
YOU are a co-creator in this process, so your suggestions are more than welcomed
The possibilities are huge, the program will change with the times and with you.

Webinar Dates:
Webinar One – September 10 (this one is free!) Link to Webinar One page.
Webinar Two – September 17 September 20 – Starts at 2:00
Webinar Three – September 24
Webinar Four – October 1
Webinar Five – October 8

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 Pacific Time (Check the World Clock for your time zone.)
The recording will be available shortly after the webinar.

Cost: $33.00 each
All four for $88.00 (One third off the individual price.)
I have made this as inexpensive as possible because I know many people are being challenged financially now.

Webinar Two only – $33.00:
Buy NowFour Webinar Program – $88.00:
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When you register for all four you will also get a 33% discount on individual sessions!

If you would like energetic support but won’t be able to join the webinars check out Imagi-Creation’s Daily Energetic Support.