Equinox Webinar

Date: Sunday September 21, 2014
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time (Same time zone as San Francisco. To see your time zone go to the World Clock. )
Cost: $22.00
The mp3 recording is included in the price.

I didn’t know why, but I started feeling excited and hopeful about this Equinox ( exact on September 22nd at 7:29 p.m. Pacific Time).  I do know that many people (clients, friends and family) have been focusing on creating a more balanced life.  The Equinox is, of course the day when we have exactly the same amount of daytime as night, so it is balanced.  This Equinox the Sun is entering Libra which is all about balance, especially in relationships. Libra is represented by the balancing scales.

I started to see a theme develop.  I checked the astrological chart and realized that Mercury (communications) and the North Node (the qualities and  experiences we need to develop) are also in Ligra.   Then I realized that Pluto (the shadow energy or suppressed emotions) was stationing direct – appearing to be still before beginning forward movement again after a retrograde.  A retrograde planet represents the looking back at the past experiences of the qualities it embodies.

A picture began to form for me… a picture that felt exciting and full of potential.  I pulled a card from my deck to add more information and got the Jack of Clubs.  (The playing cards we use were originally an oracular deck like tarot, however the system was kept hidden until “it was time”.  For this reason I feel these cards are very clear energetically.  The original intent is intact.  Also, they are not dramatic, triggering intense emotional responses like the Hanged Man or the Tower type cards in the tarot.)   The meaning of this card made me feel more excited about this Equinox and I decided to create this webinar so we could join our energies to address any shadow stuff that is ready to be released from Pluto and use the Cosmic Tides to sail through this initiation into higher wisdom especially in the areas of our relationships (all kinds) and creating balance in our lives.  I will tell you more during the webinar.

I also chose that the cost would be only $22 because I want to increase the qualities of 22 that are already part of this event.  22 is a master number that represents the ability to perceive something in the cosmic or archetypal realm and make it manifest on earth.  The two zeros after magnify the 22. Also, I am very fond of the number 22 as I was born on May 22!

IMPORTANT! Please do not wait until the last moment, I have to email you the link and password and I wasn’t able to get help at this late date.

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