Empath Education Webinar

Recorded October 19, 2014
Cost:  $33.00

Everyone who participates will have the option to get a full one-hour session for half off!



Empath Education Webinar and Imagi-Creation’s programmed Empathy Mandala:
$44.00 (You save $11.00)

For Webinar alone:


Empath Mandala alone:


 Empath Mandala if you have previously purchased the Empath Education Webinar
Only $11.00


We are in a time when our empathic and telepathic abilities are being expanded.  This brings exciting awareness’ and the potential for increased intimacy, but each opening exposes old limiting programs, beliefs and fears.  That’s just the way is works.

During this webinar we will bring up and release the limitations to enhancing your empathic abilities and your ability to experience deep intimacy with others.

You will learn specific techniques and strategies to facilitate your expansion:

  • Learn how to recognize what is NOT yours and create a system to be conscious of and release what is not yours from your energy field.
  • Learn how to participate in transforming our planet without taking on negative energies from individuals and/or the collective consciousness.
  • Discover your unique gifts, your true value and what it is that you bring to the planet.  Also learn how to know if you are “over giving”.
  • Learn how to use your empathic ability without getting overwhelmed in large groups and/or cities.
  • Develop skills in using your psychic/empathic power to know if someone or something is undesirable or even a threat without having to “read” everybody consciously (exhausting yourself and picking up other peoples “stuff”).

Read more about the Empathic Expansion during the Transformation.
What type of empathic person are you?

One thought on “Empath Education Webinar

  1. Dear Sarah,

    I truly enjoyed, and gained some wonderful insights from, participating in your group webinar last weekend. It was my first time doing your webinar, though we’ve talked one-on-one many times.

    At the point when you invited us to be in the same space as the spirit of someone important to us and tell them or ask them anything on our minds, I asked the spirit of my Mother why she had turned her back on her family when my sister and I were still young. I thought she did it for herself after her mother and beloved aunt hurt and betrayed her, and I couldn’t understand how she could have taken steps that cut her own children off from THEIR family. The answer I got from my Mother’s spirit was, “I did it to protect you from those people.” It was an amazing relief to realize that she didn’t cut us off from her family for selfish reasons, but rather, out of love for us, her daughters.

    Thanks for all you do!
    B. Anne

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