Body Transformation Webinar

Recorded October 20, 2013
Cost: $33.00

Humans have been going through an unprecedented transformation. Any change begins at the level of Spirit, then Mental and Emotional. The last part that changes is the Physical. That’s what is happening now and it isn’t going to stop any time soon.

When we began our cycles of incarnation in the old Earth Game, we fragmented in to smaller parts that became individual souls. The bigger part of our self (the Greater Self) stayed out of the game. We had limited access to the vast energy and wisdom of our Greater Selves. This scarcity caused us to be energy holders or hoarders. We worked to hold the energy for ourselves and for others.

The way we connected to our Greater Selves was to become still, mentally and physically. Think of classic meditation, sitting motionless in the lotus position (if you could), breathing into the belly and often visualizing energy coming into the chakras, etc. The idea was (besides quieting the mental chatter) to draw as much life force energy (chi, prana etc.) into our bodies as possible. This technique doesn’t work anymore.

In the new Earth Game we have significantly more access to our Greater Self/ life force energy, way more than we can hold in our bodies. We have to keep the energy and our bodies moving. (Remember bodies store energy as fat.) And it is going to continue to increase. We need to change how our bodies use energy and how we (the soul) communicate with our bodies. We need to develop a conscious, new energy relationship with our bodies.

One thing that is really cool is how easy it can be to have a body in the new Earth Game. It’s like there is less gravity!

The webinar is separated into four sections:

  1. Information about how our bodies are changing and what to expect in the future.
  2. Tools and techniques to assist your body’s trransformation, including breathing and conscious, body-lead movement.
  3. Processes to awaken and expand your communication with your body and its parts.
  4. Questions and Answers

The class includes:

  • The audio recording of the class in mp3 format
  • Course materials with additional list of questions for your body, in pdf format
  • Optional One-hour Individual Session with Sarah at the discounted rate of $99.00.
Only $33.00
We will send you the link and password within 24 hours.


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