New Year Webinar: The End of the Old and the Beginning of the New

Winter Tree from my front deck










Breakthrough is preceded by breakdown!
Recorded January 4, 2017

This webinar is full of information about the numerology of 2016 and 2017, what’s really going on with the Power Mongers (including the way banking and money printing keeps us poor and afraid), E.T.s, first contact, media and “false flag” events, how to discern if information is true or not, the plan for a fake alien attack* and how there will be three different major parallel splits, and much more!

Also includes lots of tips and techniques to help you to feel safe, powerful and present in your body and in the now.

And of course, energy/clearing work!

Tips and techniques (to remind you after you learn them during the webinar:)
Controlled exhale breathing
Spot checking
How to “Power Posture” and why your cell phone makes you feel powerless
Why your memory is not accurate
Good stones to:
Help you resonate with Cosmic Love – Sugilite
Help you stay grounded and not spin out from all the changes – Hematite
Good questions to ask when events are challenging:
What do I need to know about…?
What is right about…?
If I were to view this event from 1, 5, or 10 years from now what would I know?
Suggested reading: Presence by Amy Cudy
*Werner Von Braun, Ex-Nazi turned NASA Rocket Scientist, warned in 1974 of the plan leading to a faked alien attack.