Transformation Series Free Webinar Audio

Recorded July 13, 2014.

This is a free preview of the soon to be released Imagi-Creation Seven Module Transformation Series – with release dates.

Seven Modules – in mp3 format to listen online or download:

1) July 22: Physical Body – Specific Systems including the Endocrine System, Digestion, Brain and Nerves,Immune System, Individual Organs, etc..

2) August 5 Core Distortions – Personality, Emotional and Mental Patterns

3) August 19: Self Love, Self Worth, Self Trust: Releasing Doubt and Fear, Staying conscious and in the now.

4) September 2: Relationships/Partnerships – Masculine/Feminine Energies – Sex

5) September 16: Appropriate Energy Exchange -Money, Security, Receiving, Affluence

6) September 30: Connection with the Gaia/Earth and the Beings Who Live Here: – Animal, Plant and Mineral Kingdoms, Fairies and Other “Unseen” Beings on/in our Planet – Stewardship of Earth

7) October 14: Connection with Beings Who Live Off Planet: Your Greater Self, Other Aspects of Self, Star Families, Celestial Entities and Source

Click here to learn more about the Imagi-Creation  Transformation Series – This link will open in a new tab so you will not miss the webinar. 

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