New Year Cosmic Tides Free Webinar

Recorded January 17, 2015

We have entered a powerful ‘8’ year. There is a “Cosmic Wind” at our backs (and I don’t mean a big fart) that will enhance and support certain intentions and actions. Your awareness of this gives you powerful information about the potentials available for you now.

I will tell you how make the most of this global energy. Learn what your personal year is and what that means for you.

I will also be discussing the “Destiny Cards” (I prefer the name Mastery Cards), an ancient and brilliant system of self awareness and divination. In this system my birth card is the 10 of Clubs. 10 means “a lot of” and the Clubs represent information and communication. It is called “The Teacher Card”. Basically, I LOVE learning new things and sharing them with others.
The deck of common playing cards is secretly an amazing oracular deck, upon which the Tarot Cards are based. The truth of the “Destiny Cards” was kept secret since Atlantian times, waiting for humanity to be ready to access them. Now is the time!

During the call I did at least ten “mini readings” based on this system. My intention for doing the readings was thinking is would be helpful information for everyone.
I was told at the end of the call that this was true.

This was a very energetic event with many people excited and participating. There’s a powerful energy process at the end of the webinar. We connected together, all over the world. Each bright, human spark linked with grid-like lines to the others, using the group connection to amplify our intentions.

The process brings up and clears blocks from the past and empowers everyone to create and manifest what they desire this year and beyond. We had the support of the Angels, Ascended Masters, the other beings that live on, in or above Earth and the soul families of everyone who participates, in any “now” moment.

I hope that you enjoy it!

Recorded January 17, 2015
Duration: 90 minutes

Mastery Card (aka Destiny Card) Reading: $77.00

I will be putting a lot of time into these readings before your appointment and will also be talking to you personally for at least 1/2 hour. Though I have used and benefited from my knowledge of the Mastery Cards for about 30 years, I haven’t used them “professionally”. I am offering this low, low price because I think it is the best way for me to further my intuitive connections to this system, while giving you an opportunity for a personal reading at a wonderful price.

You may focus on your relationship(s) or the cards that signify the energies and experiences that are active in your life this year, including the overall focus, your challenge and the result/reward for meeting that challenge for this year.

I will set up your own individual “webinar” where we can talk via phone or Skype. Then you (and only you) will be able to download the recording.

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