Monthly Webinars: March 2013

Recorded March 16, 2013
Cost: Free!

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Image of Ma'at
Balance and Purpose Webinar

Recorded March 16, 2013
Cost: $11.11
Duration: 45 minutes

For this event we were joined by Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess of balance, truth and order. This was the first time I have worked with Ma’at.  I was not surprised by Ma’at’s wisdom, but I was not expecting her to have such a cute sense of humor. She offered each person their own personal feather of truth, and some suggestions for finding joy and peace in your life.

Also during this webinar:

  • Clarity about the difference between judgment and discernment.
  • You will also experience powerful processes to clear the wounds to the masculine and feminine energies, and specifically stuff that was locked into your cells through your biological line. You will be taken through a guided meditation with your inner feminine and masculine to “upgrade” them if needed and bring them into balance and cooperation.
  • How to know your unique gift that you bring to the planet and your reason and purpose for being here.
  • Receive from Ma’at an energetic crystal sphere that carries your souls wisdom, balance and knowledge of the Laws of Nature (or physical reality) that allow you to manifest what you desire.

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