Monthly Webinar – Radical Self-Love

Recorded July 18, 2015

We were joined by your Soul Group and Greater Selves, Angels, the Elements, Ascended Masters, Ahrazu (Osiris), Au Set (Isis), Jeshua and Mary Magdalene.
Yousa!  You will want to listen to this more than once –  as there is so much information including:
Cosmic Tides; Venus, Mars and Sirius
Transformation of the Masculine and Feminine
Ancient Egypt (Khemet)
Incarnation, soul choices and pre-birth planning
How empathic people can live in intense energy times without being overwhelmed
Processes to increase your feeling of self-love and self-worth
How to become the facilitator who can work with your personality aspects (including your inner male and female)
And probably more stuff that I can’t remember now. 🙂
I hope that you enjoy it!

Sirius Rising Webinar

The Mechanics of Incarnation Webinar

Other Places of Soul Incarnation

The Land of Osiris and Khemetology by Stephen Meyhler
The Dance of Anger by Harriet Lerner

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