Monthly Free Webinar – October 2012

ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Webinar: The Mechanics of Incarnation
Recorded October 15, 2012

As a response to several questions that I have received, I spoke about the mechanics of incarnation; what happens when we end an incarnation, through the between life experiences to the process of returning to physical reality here on Earth. There is information about the different soul ages and how the soul evolves through the experience here on Earth. I also talked about lives on other planets, soul groups and the way the spiritual mentoring system works.

Some of this information could be surprising. The organization is amazing and yet there are some unusual potentials in the Earth Game. There is detailed information about what happen from the moment the body dies through the first 5 or 6 years of the new incarnation.

During these often challenging transitional times we can be sucked into the drama of the Old Reality. For some time I have wanted to create a simple and effective process that will help people to shift from left brain focus (beta brain waves), which has been described as “emited when we are consciously alert, or we feel agitated, tense, afraid” to the when we are in a state of physical and mental relaxation, although aware of what is happening around us. At the end of this informative teleseminar I led a short guided meditation that will help you to quickly shift your brain waves to the alpha state, in the now moment and fully present in the physical reality while at the same time aware of your multi-dimensional self.

Unfortunately there was a technical problem and the first ten or so minutes of the call was not recorded. I was speaking about soul age. Below are the “cliff notes”
At the beginning of our venture into incarnation we are Infant Souls. Once we have completed those lessons we go to Baby Soul lifetimes, then Young Soul.

Infant Soul:
Learning how the body works.
Not sophisticated
Lives in simple cultures or away from people

Baby Soul:
It’s all about the rules
Black and white, right and wrong
Fundamentalist type religions

Young Soul:
It’s all about power
Mastering physical reality
Ceo’s, Generals
“The one with the most expensive toy wins.”

Up until this point there is no empathy. It’s like “me and not me and I want to win”.

These definitions are from the Michael System, which I love.
Suggested reading: The Michael Handbook by Stevens and Warwick-Smith

I hope that you enjoy it!

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2 thoughts on “Monthly Free Webinar – October 2012

  1. Hi LuAnne, Within each soul age (young, mature etc.) there are 7 levels. The first two levels are sort of an overlap of the two ages. It is kind of like being on the cusp in astrology. And each level has certain energies. Did you listen to the audio? I think I talked about this.

  2. Hi Sarah. are there medium and old souls? none of these seem to fit me? 🙂

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