Monthly Free Webinar – July 2013

Monthly Free Webinar:
Recorded July 13, 2013

The IDES Glade.pdf

New Tools in the ImagiCreation Daily Energetic Support Glade

There is a filter in the bubble that surrounds the Glade. It filters out the constant mental buzz of the internet, television, radio, telephones etc. It also Increase your ability to perceive your own energy and your spiritual family/soul support team and Nature.

  • Elevator to your Greater Self Aspect/Energy
  • Frequency Flow Chair
  • Eye Glasses
  • Clarity Chair – about a situation or person
  • Light Body “Activator”

Learn more about ImagiCreation Daily Energetic Support (will not interrupt the audio).

Here’s what the woman who is recovering from surgery wrote about the Glade.
“Last night I was not sleeping well again and after taking an advil started going into the glade and I saw it – it was very real but looked like a hologram or semi transparent  place with these greenish/multicolored tubes coming down.  I was in it like when I am lucid dreaming but very awake.   The look of it told me it had been created by repetitive attention and consciousness and was still taking form or perhaps existing in another dimension.  Anyway I ended up sleeping really hard after that and didn’t wake up until 9 this morning feeling more healed :)”

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