Monthly Free Webinar: Infinite Potentials

Recorded August 9, 2015

There were many great questions during this webinar.  The majority were about feeling frustrated, hopeless, angst and/or weary.  People want to participate in the world and manifest so much but, as Rebecca wrote, “I know there are “infinite potentials everywhere”…yet it seems the more doors I knock on, the more no’s or nothing I seem to find….I’m freaking out!! What am I doing/being wrong????”

If you are experiencing any of that, then this webinar is perfect for you!

I talked about pre-birth planning, exploring parallel realities, lucid dreaming and astral traveling and more. With the help of everyone’s soul families, the ascended masters, angels etc., we did a huge, powerful Charm Mesh and untangled the “knotted up” thoughts that keep you from being in the moment.

I also talked about the shift in consciousness and how our brains are changing.  Tips and practice new ways to “work on your own stuff” (finally!)

Oh ya… Good stuff about being “in Service” vs. Inspiration.

Some comments:

From Peggy – “An aha moment….I think I have heard before that we are not in service anymore…but I finally get it now…and I know that the thing I always longed to do was inspire.”

From Jan – “Sarah thank you so much. It’s amazing how accurate you are. I’ve been getting the same messages about going from being of Service to just Being Love. I feel so much lighter now.”

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