Monthly Free Webinar – August 2013

Recorded August 25, 2013

The Monthly Free Webinar is packed full of information and transformative processes.

Topics include:

  • The cosmic energies – the astrological “wind at our backs” right now is powerful and magical. Words are especially powerful right now.
  • Whats going on with the Extra Terrestrials and what is preventing “first contact” from happening.
  • How the Old Energy is fighting back and messing with our heads.
  • What’s happening with the Inner Terrestrials. The people who have lived in spiritually and technological advanced underground cities since before the fall of Atlantis.
  • What is really going on with the Fukushima nuclear plant and radiation.
  • Why have we felt like we’re being stopped, can’t move forward and what to do about it.
  • How to write your Power Statement while the Universe is supporting our using words and communication to facilitate transformation.

And we program water and/or a crystal with the amazing freedom and connection with all levels and dimensions of life on and around our beautiful planet.

I hope that you enjoy it!

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