Monthly Free Webinar: 2/13

ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Webinar

Recorded January 12, 2013

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Like a Child Webinar

Recorded January 12, 2013

The cost for the second webinar is only $11.11.  And the mp3 recording is included so you can access the powerful, transformative activation as many times as you desire.

Lot’s of information and clearings. We were joined by St. Germain, Mary Magdalene and Jeshua, a whole host of Angels and all kinds of “Unseen Beings” to create a powerful field of energy and information to support our being able to live like a child; excited, joyous and creative. Woohoo!

Please have a glass of water and a crystal (if desired) to program for ongoing access to the energy we create.

>>>> Important! Once you complete the payment at PayPal you will be automatically directed to the “Like a Child” Webinar Recording Page. 

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