Imagi-Creation’s Monthly Free Webinar – May 2014

Recorded May 10, 2014

The Cosmic Wind is still blowing! Every planet has at least one connection to another. The theme is all about partnership, especially lover relationships (and everything that goes with that).

This webinar includes:
Information about what all the current astrology, what it means and how it relates to you, including the major transformation of the masculine as Mars moves through Libra
How to best make use of Mars going forward/direct on May 18th
Process to “retire” your Inner Critic
Charmed Mesh to remove distortions – especially about the masculine and feminine archetypes and relationships
Process to release distortions and hurts related to the voice (being verbally abused)
How to develop your inner vision (information and process)
What are entities and how to clear them

Please listen the Monthly Free Webinar before the Conscious, Equal Partnership Webinar.

Conscious, Equal Partnership Webinar May 17th

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