Imagi-Creation’s Monthly Free Webinar – March 2014

Recorded Sunday, March 16, 2014

This month I talk about manifesting in 2014.  It is different.  Yes, we have gone though a really challenging time, especially in 2013.  There were a lot of times when we felt that our desires and intentions were ignored.  But, our relationship with the Universe has changed.  There is a clearer channel of communication and so there is a quicker response.  The good news is that we are being heard and the process of manifestation has gotten faster.  The bad news is that if we don’t pay attention to what we are doing on a daily basis, the intentions of others (individuals or mass consciousness) can take precedence.

If you do not connect with and listen to your Inner Child, s/he will (innocently) sabotage you.

I ended up talking more about astrology than was my original intention.  However, when I took a look at the charts for the Virgo Full Moon (March 16) and the Equinox (March 20) I found many “Ah, ha” configurations that completely match my read on the “Cosmic Wind” at our backs.

Many, many questions… about manifesting money, relationships and health. AND a big, powerful wave of cosmic energetic support for everyone’s desires!

Intentions are powerful and time is getting more flexible.  This means that if you are unable to attend “live” you can still be part of the group energy.
Please be prepared with an idea of what you would like to manifest.

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