One to One

Imagi-Creation works on everything, including:

  • Mission and/or life purpose
  • Relationships
  • Sexuality
  • Vitality, enthusiasm and life force
  • Energy stealing
  • Money and abundance
  • Creativity
  • Receiving
  • Mastery
  • Living as your Greater Self
  • Embodiment
  • Health/Body/Weight

Using various techniques including the Golden Mesh, Time/Parallel Reality, Morphic Fields, Loving Communications, Voice Dialog and the Un-create Wormhole, we will clear whatever is causing limitations such as:

  • Implants
  • Belief Systems
  • Mental & Emotional patterns
  • Past lives/Between lives
  • Vows & Agreements
  • Enmeshment with others
  • Suppressed trauma/hurt
  • Illusions of this reality/mass consciousness
  • Entities
  • Programming from cellular memory/biological lineage
  • Whatever present itself

At the end of a session you can expect to feel clear, light and expansive. You will have greater understanding of what works in your life and what doesn’t, and how to stop sabotaging yourself and really create what you desire.


One-hour Individual Telephone or Skype Session with Sarah: $220.00
Imagi-Creation Three Pack of One-hour Sessions $499.00
Over 25% Savings
“I am ready for change!” Six Pack of One-hour Sessions – $799.00
Over 40% Savings
One Half-hour Individual Telephone or Skype Session with Sarah: $119.00


If you are paying by check, please send me an email at and I will send you the address.


Imagi-Creation is not a substitute for medical or psychological care. If you require the care of a licensed health care professional, please contact your state’s medical and/or psychological board.