Part of Fortune Astrology Readings

Fortune symbol

The symbol for the Part of Fortune

For a limited time I am offering an astrology reading focusing on what is called the Part of Fortune.  It is not an object, like a planet, but a place on your chart that tells you how to feel like “Good Fortune” is shining down on you.  To some people this could me wealth and/or fame and recognition, to others it could represent your health or vitality.  It it is also associated with love and happiness.  The Part of Fortune focuses on this life and how you can experience success here, whatever that means to you.

The Part of Fortune is found using a specific formula from information about your natal Sun, Moon and Ascendent.  Historically, these three were considered to be of equal importance.

When I calculated and interpreted my Part of Fortune, I was amazed at how spot on it is.  Think of the Fortune as the “what” (Good Fortune).  The sign signifies “how”.  For me (Pisces Fortune)’ I am the type of person who is spiritual and mystical and will find happiness and success by focusing on “higher ideals”.  The house placement shows you “where”.  For me (7th House,) I am basically and idealist and see the best in people and situations. I am seeking person illumination and I find this as well as success through relationships with others.

This is me exactly!  It completely matches my work, my success and my bliss.

Johrei Balanced Cross

The symbol for the Part of Fortune reminds me of the Balanced Cross symbol that is so much a part of my early “New Age” religion call the Church of World Messianity or the Johrei Fellowship.  Here is that symbol which I wore on a golden pendent for decades.
Then I combine this with my natal Gemini (communicating) which rules my 10th House of career, it appears quite clear to me that my Part of Fortune is right on!

This led me to find  the Part of Fortune for my family and friends and found them to be amazingly accurate also.  This is so cool!

If you are not sure where your “fortune” lies, I highly recommend that you find out!

I am offering Part of Fortune Readings for only $49.00.

The reading includes:
  • Creating your natal/birth chart (if you don’t have it already)
  • Calculating your Part of Fortune
  • Information about the sign and house of your Fortune and how they work together
  • Interpreting any close planets and/or aspects to other planets
  • Recorded 15 – 20 minute reading, including the mp3 download

Book your Fortune Reading here.

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