Guided Meditations

Hanalei Bay in Kauai

Hanalei Bay in Kauai

Magic of Hawai’i Guided Meditation
Approx. 15 minutes     

Dear Sarah,

I have gotten so much out of this meditation!  Every time I listen to it, I feel more and more relaxed, and comfortable with the pure gentle energies, and truly feel like I am entering the water as your cheerful voice guides me along.  This is powerful stuff!  And it can be life changing.  I would recommend that a person listen to it at least once a week, and remember to consciously pull in the Hawaiian waters energies during the day.  I am so grateful for this precious wonderful gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you!




The Charm Mesh Guided Meditation
Approx. 13 minutes

This is an “upgrade” of Imagi-Creation’s original energetic tool, the Golden Mesh!
Over the years the Golden Mesh changed to include higher dimensions.

This is a very powerful meditation that will clear outside “energies” and anything you “program” it to remove.  Sweet!


Pineal Heart Activation
Recorded October 31, 2014
Approx. 18 minutes

The Pineal Gland does amazing things starting about 20 minutes after you turn off the lights (it gets dark).  The pineal has been called “the seat of the soul” (Descartes) and the Third Eye.  It is in the dark that the pineal magic starts!

Unfortunately, for most of us the pineal is not functioning optimally.  As we age the pineal can calcify.  Things that contribute to the process include the widespread use of fluoride, non-bioassimilable calcium supplements and the lack of true dark at night.  Iodine is helpful in reducing the calcium deposits.
I use kelp as my source.

I created a short guided meditation to decalcify and activate your pineal gland.  I recorded this in one take and did not edit, so please excuse any less-than-smooth moments. 🙂  It is about 18 minutes long.

If you would like to access specific information, have any questions for you greater wisdom and/or wish to connect/communicate with a specific Being (Greater Self, Angel etc.) I suggest that you write it down before beginning the meditation.

I hope that you enjoy it!

Empath Education Webinar


Expanding Your Being Guided Meditation

MP3 File
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Journey to Your Greater Self Guided Meditation

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Journey to the New Earth Guided Meditation
Approx. 15 minutes

More Guided Mediations to come.

7 thoughts on “Guided Meditations

  1. Thanks for the heads up! When my card number changed I forgot to update Instant Teleseminar, who host my webinars and guided meditations. And I had changed my email address and didn’t get any messages from them. Now all is well and you may enjoy the Charm Mesh Guided Meditation again!

  2. I really like the The Charm Mesh Guided Meditation and was doing it every day but it has been deleted……. where can obtain a copy ?

  3. My first encounter with your meditations. I did all three and feel very relaxed and smooth.Just what I need at this time. Thank you so much Sarah.

  4. Sarah, I have been a fan of your Guided Meditations for years. Your soothing voice and beautiful powerful imagery puts me into a higher state of consciousness better than any other meditation I’ve ever tried. No matter how stressed I may be, as soon as I hear your voice I become calm and relaxed.

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gifts with the world. You have helped more people than you even realize!

    Warm Hugs,

    ~ Jan ~

  5. I have used several of your guided meditations, several times each, and I find them wonderful, and almost magical. And your voice makes me feel happy and calm.

    The first time I used the golden mesh I was feeling quite out of sorts – weird pains in my neck and shoulders and hips, and kind of nervous in an atypical way. Atypical for me. Immediately afterwards I felt so much better, physically and emotionally! I really had the sense that, as I am imagined the mesh moving through my body, that it really was removing clumps of yucky stuff. I have done the expanded self and the journey to grade yourself several times each, and I think they’re very powerful, too. I have not yet done the pineal activation, but will try that now. Thanks so much for these gifts!

  6. Sarah, this activation was So Powerful. I thank You from the bottom of my heart. and I hope you receive a ton of blessings for giving this out to us:)

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