Alter Altar

The Alter Altar Supporting Energies

Isis Sculputpure – The ancient Mother Goddess and a very personal connection for me. She is loving and protective, like a mother. I made the sculpture after meditating on Isis for two weeks and asking her how she would like to be represented.

Lepidolite – Stone of Transition
4th, 5th and 6th chakras
Helps with stress reduction allowing gentle changes

Hematite – cooling, calming and peaceful.
Helps to ground to the planet and physical reality and to feel safe

Herkimer Diamond – Harmony and peace
Helps to begin (again) and to connect energetically like psychic/telepatinc

Ametrine  (Citrine and Amethyst)
Helps with balance, especially masculine/feminine and male/female
Disperses negativity  and helps to release blockages and old programing
Citrine – One of two mineral that “doesn’t hold negativity” but dissipates and transmutes it, so it doesn’t need to be cleansed

Smokey Quartz – Transform negative  emotions and patterns/blockages to aid in mental clarity (not worry and anxiety)
Helps to create and maintain a “protected space”. Also balancing of masculine/feminine.
Helps to ground or calm by increasing your intuition in challenging situations.
Good for communicating with the E.T.s with discrimination.
This particular crystal was cut by the renowned crystal healer Vogel.

Transformation Quartz – Helps forward movement and lowers resistance to change
Eases completion of the “mundane cycles” (Old Energy) and attachment to perfection
Aids in perceiving “devastating situations” from outside the polarity