Would you like your own personally selected pocket-sized crystal
charged with the powerful, magical crystaline frequencies of
over $10,000 worth of crystals?

Have intuitive expert Sarah Biermann connect with your energy psychically to choose the quartz point crystal most suited to you (your crystal will look similar to one in the picture).

Image of Crystal Points

She will then draw the energy frequencies from her over $10,000 collection of exquisite crystals, charge your personal crystal with those frequencies and post it off to you within 48 hours of your ordering.

Personally selected super powered crystals are approx 1.5 inches (3.8 centimeters) tall and weigh about 20 grams. You will receive a list of the energies that are programmed into the crystal and suggestions on how to use it.

Buy for yourself. Buy as a gift for another by emailing the receiver’s name and a picture, if possible, so Sarah can intuitively connect with them.

Price each (including shipping) within USA: $33.00
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Price each (including shipping) internationally: $38.00
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What can you use your personalised crystal for?

You can use your crystal to clarify the mind and clarify the energy of your drinking water which when drunk transforms every water cell your body.

Previous clients have frequently commented how good the new water tastes and how they feel it spreading out like a tingly blissful feeling as they drink. They’ve also experienced a calmer mind, peaceful energy that reduces stress and anxiety and more meaningful, lucid dreams giving a higher understanding of their current situation.

More about your Quartz crystal

Quartz is one of the most sacred crystals because it can be imbued or programmed with other energies, like tiny computers. When a person is properly attuned to the crystal, this energy and information is readily made available.

Each crystal has been linked with a plethora of amazing energies. Sarah has recently discovered the “quantum field energy creations” from a man (he doesn’t want me to share his name) who has spent most of his life studying, creating and measuring energy fields. He is a vanguard in New Energy technology. One of his energy devices is specifically designed to focus and “create action at a distance”. We used this device to powerfully permeate these Record Keepers with the following crystal energies.

First of all, each is linked to the Planetary Crystaline Grid, a network of really large quartz crystals buried in the earth and the sea in various locations around the grid. The grid is imbued with ancient wisdom and knowing from Atlantis.

What is added to your personalized crystal?

Italian Lapis Lazuli: The perfect stone for all those who want to open up to new awarenesses and unknown mysteries. Also enhances the wisdom to understand the information.

Calcite: Helps your mind to remember what information and energies you receive from astral traveling, and other non-ordinary sources.

Sugilite: Sugilite is an increasingly rare stone that has surfaced now (from only one location in Africa which has been mined-out) to bring New Energy healing powers to humanity. According to Melody in her book Love is in the Earth, sugilite is “a love stone for this age”. It is useful in facilitating memory to answer the question, “Why am I here?”



Smoky Quartz pillar cut by the Master Marcel Vogel. This grand and beautiful piece is imbued with the power of love. This masterpiece is over eight inches tall and has a beautiful inside.  With this energy, love is the ultimate transformational tool.



The energy of citrine tends to maintain clarity. In addition, it has been used to enhance psychic abilities.

Abundance Quartz Crystal (quartz with chloride phantom): Phantoms generally indicate great will, the unstoppable determination. So for this one, it grew for awhile, stopped growing long enough for chloride to hang out on it (the Phantom) then grew some more. So it is about moving forward and growing with will. Green chloride is a nice money vibration so a phantom like this is a good money manifestor.

New Energy Template for Healer’s from Saint Germain and the Healer’s Class:

  • The crystals are programmed to automatically update to receive the future Energy Templates that will be available as we approach and pass the 12/21/12 shift.
  • The information and energy in the crystal can be transmitted into water and then the water will be a powerful transformational / healing “medicine”.
  • For those of you who use sound/music/voice in any way, the crystal’s energy can be transmitted through the sound.

It’s all about the wave… water and sound!

I will connect with your energy and pick a crystal the best suits. Your crystal is about 1.5 inches (3.8 centimeters) tall and weighs about 20 grams. You will receive a list of the energies that are programmed into the crystal and suggestions on how to use it.

BUY NOW – Sarah can only work with a limited number of crystals at one time so, to avoid a longer processing time, buy as early as you can.

Price each (including shipping) within USA: $33.00
Price each (including shipping) internationally: $38.00