Monthly Webinars: December 2012

ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Webinar
Recorded December 12, 2012
Cost: Free!


The 12-12-12 Bliss Webinar
Recorded December 12, 2012
Cost: $11.00

The incoming waves of cosmic light will bring with them surges of creative energy and freedom. I suggest that you keep a notebook with you at all times to write down your ideas. (More about this during the webinar.) The cosmic wave is also flushing out anything that could limit or prevent you from manifesting your creations. Let’s ride that wave together to support each other and boost our creativity and freedom.

Historically humans have been anything but free, but we are changing that. There are a plethora of programs and belief systems that affect us ancestrally, culturally, and globally. Whenever I see something that limits our choices (our freedom) I automatically look for the program or belief. I also imagine what our lives could be like without the limitation. And, of course, I find a way to clear that limitation. Below is a list of the most prevalent programs I’ve found. I will talk about these during the webinar.

Emotional Entanglement
*  Energy Stealing
*  Energy Attacking
*  Empathic Sponge
Cause and effect
Chakras (yes chakras!)
Limited Loving
Caring (instead of Loving)

This webinar is be split into three parts.

First – clearing the programs listed above (and I expect more than that since St. Germain will be joining us).

Second – I will take you through a powerful energetic process to activate and anchor your Sovereign Sun Center. Once you have activated your Sovereign Sun Center you will be energetically autonomous, able to access the Infinite Universal Energy and information. You will be unfazed by outside influences, centered and whole.

Finally, (with the aid of St. Germain and the amazing group of mentors, angels, Ascended Masters, and cool, cosmic citizens who are very excited to support us) we will connect to and embrace the incoming cosmic energy of love, peace, freedom, excitement, and bliss. Shabang!

The cost for the second webinar is only $11.00.  And the mp3 recording is included so you can access the powerful, transformative activation as many times as you desire.

>>>> Important! Once you complete the payment you will be automatically directed to the 12/12/12 Bliss Webinar Recording Page.

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