Miracles and Magic Teleseminar Audio

ImagiCreation’s Miracles and Magic Teleseminar

Recorded July 14, 2012


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Please write three magical or miraculous things that you would like to focus on the top of three pieces of paper. Have a pen or pencil handy during the class.  I suggest that you have two of the things be “smaller” or less significant. Have them all be about you or for you and choose things in different subjects or topics. Here are some suggestions: your body or health, a physical object like an article of clothing or something for you home, a shift in a relationship, but not trying to change the other person, a trip or vacation or something else that you would like to experience. Especially think of some small thing that would bring you joy, like a flower that smells fabulous or a humming bird coming to you. Have one of the things be something that you would buy or do regardless, but would prefer that it just shows up. An example is when I needed more potting soil and my neighbor, who was moving, decided that she didn’t want to take an unopened bag of potting soil to her new home and gave it to me. (And it happened to be the exact brand and type of potting soil that I used!)

Also have a glass of water and if you want a crystal to program.

I would love it if you would share any magical or miraculous experiences you have. You can write them in the comment box or email me directly.

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