Miracles and Magic Teleseminar

ImagiCreation’s Miracles and Magic Teleseminar Recording and Guided Meditation

Recorded July 14, 2012

Cost: $33.00


We will send you the link to the audio and the password within 24 hours.

The limiting rules of the old Earth Game are going away. Now, more than ever, we are able to manifest our desires in magical ways. Have you had enough of the programming that makes you have to work, and often work hard, for what you desire? Are you ready to manifest your dreams in physical reality with ease? Are you ready to become a real magician?

I have been conferring with Saint Germain, the Master of Magical Manifestation, to create a super-duper, magical event.

Please write three magical or miraculous things that you would like to focus on the top of three pieces of paper. Have a pen or pencil handy during the class.  I suggest that you have two of the things be “smaller” or less significant. Have them all be about you or for you and choose things in different subjects or topics. Here are some suggestions: your body or health, a physical object like an article of clothing or something for you home, a shift in a relationship (but not trying to change the other person) a trip, vacation or experience. Especially think of some small thing that would bring you joy, like a flower that smells fabulous or a humming bird coming to you. And have one of the small things be something that you would buy or do regardless, but would prefer that it just shows up. An example is when I needed more potting soil and my neighbor, who was moving, decided that she didn’t want to take an unopened bag of potting soil to her new home and gave it to me. (And it happened to be the exact brand and type of potting soil that I used!)

Also have a glass of water and if you want a crystal to program.

I would love it if you would share any magical or miraculous experiences you’ve already had. I’m creating a page for all our stories.

Warning: your head might be spinning by the end of this classLaughing St. Germain and I are going to pop the limitations right out of your reality and pop some miracles and magic right into it.



7 thoughts on “Miracles and Magic Teleseminar

  1. Cari sent me this email. “I listened to the Magic and Miracles recording last Saturday. My big intention was to receive $25,000…I had no idea how it could come to me, and I had some hopelessness come up…but guess what? On Monday I got a $24,000 raise and a $2,500 bonus, just for continuing to do the work I was already doing. I don’t have to do anything extra. How freaking amazing is that???”

    Way to go Cari!

  2. Rachel sent me this ” I THANK YOU!!!! Amazing tools for transformation – breathing into the heart/solar ~ releasing that which is not mine ~ golden mesh… amazing. I am using these tools in my yoga/meditation classes and people are LOVING the healing. As am I. Blessings to you dear Sarah!
    Meet you in the ‘garden’ with all the rest of us! ;)”

  3. Pat sent me this email. “Loved Saturday’s seminar; you and Germanium (St. Germain) make a nice team.”

  4. wow! i am so excited! right after i signed up for the teleseminar or was just about to sign up , i was reading the other’s fun manifestation experiences about asking the universe for something and then it happening… in that moment, i thought – oh! i see a new student in class tonight (was about to head out and teach yoga) – so i go in to the wellness center where i teach and there were 2 ladies there that had never been there before and were in the process of signing up for my workshop next month! also, there was another woman just getting out of a massage and she was wanting to take my classes next week! wow… amazing

  5. I look forward to a spinning head………give me something……..anything. cheers.

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  7. In a quiet moment sitting outside one day, I asked for a feather as a sign
    of my angels. About a week later, I was inside, but my patio door was open.
    A bird landed on my swingset with the biggest feather in its beak! It looked in
    the doorway at me and flew up to one of the backyard trees, and she used it
    for the nest she was constructing! It brought me to tears and I have the picture to this day! I still give thanks for that special moment!

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