ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Webinar
Recorded November 10, 2012

During this webinar:

Processes to bring body into harmony. The energies affecting us as we approach the 12/21/12 date. There will be an assessment happening on that day that will define our potentials afterwards, in the New Energy. So it is important to know what is needed to assure us of the most expansive, satisfying and joyful potentials. Doubt, which is a limitation program that is coming up for so many right now. Process from St. Germain to clear doubt. Mercury retrograde now and astrology on 12/21/12 Trip to the New Earth Template Q & A: Spiritual purpose of Hurricane Sandy Affects of internet and cell phones. 
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ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Telseminar
Recorded September 15, 2012

This was a fun call with a lot of powerful processes, interesting information and a really expansive altered state guided meditation.

During this call:
New Moon in Virgo
Equinox energy
Left Brain / Right Brain
Conscious and Unconscious Mind changes
Brain Waves and Altered States
Process to create, expand and share joy and hope 

Guided Meditation to Expanded State (really cool!) with St. Germain

I hope that you enjoy it!






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ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Telseminar
Recorded August 18, 2012 

I talked about multi-dimensionality, both micro and macro. and I shared a new process for working with your body that I think is really cool!

I hope you enjoy the information about fractals and their place in creation as well as the magnetic crystals in our brains and the potentials opening up for inter-dimensional communication.

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Monthly Free Teleseminar
Recorded July 21, 2012

This teleseminar is one of my favorites so far. We got to play with clearing less-than-optimum energies from the planet and our bodies. I talked a little about parallel realities and time. Then we did some parallel reality magic to access the skills and abilities of ourselves in a parallel reality. Each person has a balanced whole soul and so if you, for instance have challenges with finances, there is a parallel you who has success in that area.

Some comments:
“I just can not believe how easy that was… didn’t know it was even possible to do that. had such a beautiful moment with my other self and my over/greater self that was just so magical!”

“I went in to pick up success in financial wealth…saw a treasure chest with pearls and coins. Just absorbed it into my field… came back feeling like a Queen…how does it get any better than that!”

“I started working with the St. Joseph River, Indiana and followed it to the Lake Michigan and then the Great Lakes. The soft white light wave that came back (when we went back after the releasing and gratitude mesh), instantly brought burning tears to my whole being. Thanks for this experience.”


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ImagiCreation’s Miracles and Magic Teleseminar

St. Germain worked with me for this teleseminar.

Recorded July 14, 2012

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Monthly Free Teleseminar

Recorded June 23, 2012


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I spoke a bit about the “Cosmic Wind at our backs”, what the universe is supporting now. We talked about some wonderful magical experiences we’ve had and can have in the future. There were many interesting questions about parallel realities, different dimensions, E.T.s and more. There was practice using our extra senses and had a wonderful swim with the dolphins. Oh, there is also information about our Chin Chakras! Check out this dolphin image sent from Sue. He’s got quite a chin!

Image of a dolphin with a long chin__________________________________________________________________

ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Teleseminar

Recorded May 12, 2012

Information and Q and A in this teleseminar:

I talked about the wave of of high frequency energy that penetrates deeply in many way. I passed along the suggestions from Saint Germaine for how to best make use of this energy comfortably.

There were lots of questions including information about the ancient Egyptians, spirits without bodies, dolphins, the role the Pleiades have with all this, how to handle it when you have to deal with difficult, old-energy people and more.

And… some great guided meditations to clear unwanted energy, expand our new senses and connect with the field of pure love.



ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Teleseminar

Recorded April 21, 2012

MP3 File
Information and Q and A in this teleseminar:

I spoke a little about the astrological influences and where we are in the Transformation.Uranus and Pluto are big players in the cosmic game for a while to come.

Also, the physical changes in our bodies, especially the brain and heart. And some processes to ease the amazing “upgrades” that are happening now.

There were some great questions about.

  • Feeling stuck, hopeless, afraid and without enthusiasm.
  • How to disconnect from people (especially energy suckers) who are working really hard to stay attached.
  • How to work with parallel realities.
  • Do we get cosmic confirmation in the form of symbols to let us know that we are doing it right?


ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Teleseminar: Shift Happens!

Recorded March 24, 2012

Information and guided processes in this teleseminar:

  • Unexpected (even forced) change that so many of us are experiencing
  • Why it’s happening, why it can be difficult, and how to handle it.
  • Our relationship with the planet.
  • Releasing old, limiting belief systems about our bodies, food and nutrition, relationships and more.
  • We were joined by Archangel Michael to activate the seed of self-love that we placed in our hearts during Lemurian times.
  • A trip to the Body Transformation Center to bring in the specific energies that our bodies need and channel it through our fingers like laser beams into specific areas that need help.

ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Teleseminar

Recorded February 18, 2012

Coming Out of the Psychic Closet: How to Feel Safe and Joyful Being Your Authentic Self in the Outside World Teleseminar

Recorded January 28, 2012
Cost: 33.00

We will email you the link and password within 24 hours.

Image of person stepping through a rainbow door.I’ve been practicing for a while to learn and create techniques that allow me to be my Authentic Self in situations that have been challenging lately. I have learned how to keep my sense of self when surrounded by a lot of other people and low frequency emotions like fear, shame, hopelessness, etc. Also, how to recognize energy vampires and not become their food.

I was surprised by being visited by the Council of Beings with a request for us to do some balancing work for the planet that would affect us individually as well.

They also offered a beautiful New Earth heart and love energy gift.

This was really fun and transformational. If you are thinking about, or a really ready to “come out of the psychic closet,” this is the class for you!

ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Teleseminar: Physical, Emotional and Psychic Changes

Recorded January 21, 2012


  • Clearing the energies that we get from others and old stuff that we’re ready to let go.
  • Connecting with and bringing your Authentic “Greater Self” energies here.
  • Handling the “left brain” activities that we have to do.

Lot’s of Q and A about:

  • Dreams and altered reality.
  • Protection from old and outside negative energies.
  • The transformation of our bodies to the New Earth Template.
  • Being your Authentic Self out in the world.

ImagiCreation’s Monthly Free Teleseminar: Physical, Emotional and Psychic Changes

Recorded December 10, 2011

Whooohooo! It’s almost here … 2012, the long-awaited year of Transformation. I’ll be talking about what to expect in 2012.

ImagiCreation’s 11-11-11 Teleseminar: Expect the Unexpected!

Recorded November 11, 2011

11-11-11Boy did we pack a lot into this event! During the seminar, I kept being told to add more processes and clearings. This is something that you will want to listen to many times.
Reuniting and balancing three aspects:

  • Masculine and Feminine
  • Spirit/Greater Self and Earth/Human Self
  • Child and Adult

Connecting the Chakras to allow more light in and activate the New Energy Template for our bodies.
Opening the Seed of Christ Consciousness – Self Love

Cost: $33.00

We will email you the link and password within 24 hours.

September 2011

August 2011 – Monthly Free Teleseminar

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July 2011 – Monthly Free Teleseminar

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