Who is Ahrazu / Osiris

Egyptian God Osiris

One day in 1999 I felt a presence that was at once familiar and new. It seemed to have a message for me, so I sat down with a pencil and paper and wrote:

“I am Osiris. I have come to you now to help you expand. To connect to your God/Goddess/Power and your Sacred Work. It is time for people to know how truly huge and powerful they are, not as a mental concept, but as a heartfelt truth. It is time to experience the larger reality.”

Osiris told me that he is a Sirian Being who came to Earth long ago. He said that a more accurate name to represent him is Ahrazu. Ahrazu showed me Sirius and other planets where he’d traveled as well as the ships they traveled in, which are alive.  He also told me that the story of Osiris being cut into pieces and those pieces being buried in the Earth represented his fragmenting his energy into individual souls and casting them into incarnation. (Now that story made sense!) And then he surprised me by telling me that I am one of those fragments. Whew!

Since then I have been exploring this grand energy and have met many people who are fragments of Ahrazu and Isis. How fun is that? It has been my great pleasure to facilitate others in finding and knowing their huge and beautiful God/Goddess Selves.
Ahrazu and other Sirian Beings have played a big role in the creation of the Earth Game. They contributed their DNA to both the human and cetacean species. They have played the role of Gods and Goddesses for many civilizations and will be one of the first E.T.s to make overt contact with humans when the right time comes. There are many Sirian fragments incarnating now. Many are here, like me, to facilitate the eventual “first contact”, when the planetary quarantine ends in 2012.

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  1. Thanks for your email. I certainly understand how so much of this type of experience “sound crazy”! I have been researching (on many levels) all the ET stuff. I will be hosting a webinar soon, so keep checking in.

  2. My girlfriend went into a trance and said she was the spirit of Isis and that she was looking for me, she found my last piece, and put me back together. When she touched me I felt a thread of energy go through my entire body.
    I have been approached by egyptians who said I was once egyptian and that I was here to give a message. I have also recently been approached by Aliens, they visited my girlfriend first to let us know they were going to visit me.
    Since a child I have been visited by tall greys, and the little squat guys. I have met a reptilian once after a group of “cultist” manipulated me, (they made me pick an object from a table of artifacts), and this reptilian wanted to attack these tall white nordic aliens with me by his side. They defeated him easily and I thought I was a goner! They told me I was a part of their family and they loved me.

    Well I know this all sounds crazy! its sounds crazy to me! I have no idea what to do with this. If its real then where is my power? How can i prove any of this! and whats the point of all this anyway?
    There is more, but I am very confused! Well there you have it! another crazy guy!

  3. I’m glad that my offerings have been helpful for you. We are living in amazing (and often challenging) times and we need to support each other. Thank you for the invitation. Puerto Rico (especially with the beautiful beaches) sounds wonderful. Right now I’m not doing much traveling as I am a single mother of three. I definitely plan to travel in the future, so I’ll keep you in mind.

  4. Sarah, I have received messages from you for a long while now. I have enjoyed all of the information available. I studied Hypnotherapy and have spent a couple of years learning everything I can about extraterrestrials, ascensions, energy, quantum, the big bang, souls, God outside of the church believes and bible and anything and everything that is transcending. I look at the sky every night hoping to see an indentifying flying object. I have been asking to see one of the good alien. I want to learn so much that I spent hours at the computer. Since a child I felt this need to know about myself, others and the world around me. I was never happy with the answer I got from my surrounding including any church. I feel that I am finally getting the truth. I want to thank you and many others who have the truth for us, again thank you. I get discourage sometimes because I want to talk to an alien, I want to learn so much more. I have friends whom have talk to aliens and we have a nice group here in Puerto Rico, so if you ever want to come to Puerto Rico the least I could do is offered you a place at my house. I live with my lover Hector, we both speak English. We live fifteen minutes from the most beautiful beaches you could imagine.

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