What Does it Mean to Be a Conscious Creator?

What does it mean to be a “Conscious Creator”? What most people imagine is that we will be able to use our conscious mind in a way that hasn’t worked before. Suddenly our affirmations will begin to work really well. We will say out loud, “I choose to be wealthy!” and it will happen, just like that.

Sorry, folks, that’s not what it means.

You already have been creating your experience, your reality. Whether you like your creation or not, you are the one who created it. The problem is that you have been creating unconsciously. You are under the influence of mass hypnosis. You unconscious mind is full of memories (even past life and cellular memories), decisions and beliefs that prevent you from having what you desire with the conscious mind. There are many implants and programs that limit and control your ability to create consciously. But you are not a victim here. You either created the implants, or willingly received them. We had to have them or we could not have played the game of physical reality on Earth.

And now the game is changing. We are completing our stint as limited, unconscious creators. We have been functioning with limited capacity. There is something new that is happening. It has not been done before and it is different then what we think it is. There is a part of us that we have not been consciously aware of. It is the unconscious mind.


The Mind

Let’s talk about the mind. The good news is that our minds can process billions of bits of information per second. This means that it has access to, and the ability to process and affect a lot of data and information. The bad news is that the majority of that amazing processing power is in the unconscious mind, not the conscious mind. The unconscious mind is the deepest level of consciousness, that individuals are not directly aware of, but still affects conscious behavior. The conscious mind is the part that most of us think of as being our self. We don’t consciously (with our conscious mind) know what the unconscious mind is doing. We only see the results of those activities. Sometimes we like the results, often we don’t. It seems the unconscious mind has a mind of it’s own!


Acts on it’s own volition.Sets goals, judges results and likes to try new things.

Thinks abstractly

Conceptually based (this is the part that reads self-help books and does affirmations, etc.)

Short-term memory (average is 20 seconds.)

Time bound — thinks in past and future.

Limited processing (approx. 2 thousand bits per second)

Communicates with spoken or written language.

Acts out of habit. Monitors operations of the body. Prefers the familiar.Thinks literally

Sensory based (gets data and communicates through the senses).

Long-term memory. Stores past experiences (like ability to drive a car). Attitudes, values & beliefs.

Timeless — present time only

Expanded processing (approx. 4 billion bits per second)

Communicates with images, symbols and feelings.


It’s called the conscious mind because that is what we are aware of. We know that there is an unconscious mind because something has to be keeping the heart beating and sometimes we behave in ways that we would not choose consciously. Also, the unconscious will send us messages via our dreams. This is an interesting point in learning to become aware of and work with the unconscious part of our selves. The unconscious communicates with images and symbols. I’m sure you have experienced a dream moment when a small thing happened that you knew meant a whole lot. Suppose you are having a pleasant dream and you hear phone ring. Suddenly, you are full of fear and you know that a disaster is about to strike. It is possible, when working with the unconscious mind, to use symbols and images to represent huge amount of information that the conscious mind cannot understand or process. See the list above. The conscious mind can process 2 thousand bits per second versus the unconscious minds ability to process 4 billion bits per second!

Do you notice that description of the unconscious mind sounds similar to the description of our Higher Self (I call it the Greater Self)? It’s able to understand and work with a whole lot more information then our human self. The Greater Self and the unconscious mind have the long-term memory. It’s the Greater Self that knows remembers all our lives and sets up the “lessons” and other experiences here on Earth. The unconscious mind and the Greater Self are not constrained by time. They are always in “now”. They do not need to go from step one to step two, etc. They see the whole and can jump from step one to step twenty-one without having to go through all the effort of the middle steps.

You’re aware that we are going through the Ascension process. Perhaps you’ve heard that we are moving from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. But perhaps what you didn’t know is that the different dimensions are nothing more then different consciousnesses! And a different consciousness is nothing more than a different awareness. We are moving into a whole new kind of awareness so we will have conscious access to more of the unconscious mind. The way we access that information is by consciously using our senses and images because that’s how this part gets data and communicates.

This leads us to the brain. There is a correlation between the two minds and the two sides of the brain, called hemispheres. The left side is called the logical mind. It is in charge of speech and language. The right side prefers images or pictures. The left side likes order and control and the right side is spontaneous and free. The two hemispheres of the brain are connected by the corpus callosum, which is a network of nerve fibers, like fiber optic filaments. This is the only way one hemisphere communicates with and has awareness of the other hemisphere.

Please view the presentation by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor on youtube.com. She talks about her experience of having a stroke in her left hemisphere and the different “personalities” of the two hemispheres.)

This separation of the hemispheres is ending. (I personally have experienced odd sensations in my skull recently, like something is moving in there. It’s a little freaky.) This joining of the two sides of the brain is a physical manifestation of the change in consciousness we are going through. As we become expanded in our awareness and consciousness, the brain is changing too. This is something completely new. I said at the beginning of this article that being a Conscious Creator is not what we think it is. It is something completely new!

Dr. Bruce Lipton has done some amazing work with biology. This is the science that he says will not be commonly know for 10-15 years. Evidently, the nucleus, in which the DNA is located, is not the control center or brain of the cell as has been believed. Protein sheaths surround the separate DNA molecules. If the sheath is in place then the DNA is not expressed. Once the protein sheath is lifted then the information in the DNA is activated. The DNA is not self-activating! It does not choose to turn on or off. So the DNA is more like a library of potential expressions than the brain that chooses the expression.

But what chooses the expression? Where is the brain? The lifting of the DNA sheaths, as well as the other functions of the cell, are controlled by a complicated system of signals received from the cell membrane. The signals are received from outside the cell, from its environment. These signals can include hormones, nutrients or toxins. Once the signal is received, the cell reacts. But this doesn’t mean that we have no control over our bodies because the way the cell interprets the signal is based on its filter. Dr. Lipton says there are two basic filters, love and growth or fear and protection. These filters are controlled by our beliefs.

This is scientific evidence that our beliefs control our biology and our DNA! Look again at the list above. Where are the beliefs located? In the unconscious mind. Our unconscious mind controls our biology and our DNA!

So, with this new information you know that you are not a victim of your genetics. Just because cancer runs in your family, and you’ve heard that there is a cancer gene, this doesn’t mean that you have no control over whether or not that gene is expressed. Psychological studies have shown that cancer patients tend to have long-term, unresolved anger and resentment. The emotions are the filter colors the signal that removes the DNA sheath that activates the DNA and creates cancer.

It will take a while for this new information to filter down to the masses. Just yesterday I took my high-school aged son to buy supplies to make a model of DNA. He had been taught the same thing I was taught in high school 30 years ago. The nucleus (which means the DNA) is the control center of the cell. Also, the DNA is unchangeable and it controls our biology.

The radical change that is happening now is that the two halves of the brain are starting to join together. The separation of the hemispheres is what has given us the illusion of duality, linear time and separation. It also limited our ability to manifest. As we have evolved as beings our biology is changing to match our new frequency.

We learned from Dr. Lipton’s work that our beliefs can change our biology. So if we change our beliefs, our consciousness, the biology will also change. When we become aware or conscious of more of our mind, the biology matches that change by connecting the two sides of the brain. How cool it that!

The bottom line is that we are shifting from trying to create through the kind of methods the conscious mind would use, to the kind of creating the unconscious mind would use. The conscious mind is linear or time bound, likes words and concepts, and has limited processing capacity. The unconscious mind is timeless, likes images (this is your imagination side), gets data via the senses and has an expansive processing capability.

No wonder people have spent years (decades) in classic psychotherapy. That technique uses the conscious mind and words to make changes. The conscious mind is not where the underlying beliefs are held, and we know the unconscious beliefs are what control our reality. To try to go through each belief, which can have information from many lifetimes, cellular memory etc. with the part of our mind that can only process at 2 thousand bits a second is slow work. There is a new way developing, using the language of the unconscious mind.

How do you become conscious (aware) of the unconscious? The unconscious mind gets data and communicates via the senses and with pictures. The trick is to get the conscious mind to shut up long enough for this type of communication happen. It wants to get in there and analyze and understand everything.

It is very common, especially when I first start working with someone for him or her to want to stay in the conscious mind and its linear thinking. Let’s say Jane has a big issue that she wants to work on. I’ll guide her into the expanded state (see below) and ask her to perceive the issue. “What do you notice?” I’ll ask. Since I am able to track what is going on “in there”, I can see the black, hard, cold ball that her unconscious gave her. Unfortunately, Jane’s conscious mind won’t let her see it. (Psychology is a conscious mind creation, and Jane has had years of therapy.) So, instead of seeing the black ball she says, “It’s about my childhood and the way my father verbally abused me. There’s a lot of anger and shame.” It may be true, but working through things this way is slow, hard work, and it’s not very affective. The “issue” is located in the unconscious mind and you can’t communicate with that part with words and concepts. You need to use senses and pictures!

Eventually, Jane is able to get to the picture. And I’ll guide her to use other senses. Is it hot or cold, smooth or rough, what does it smell (and even taste) like. This brings up more information. A part of her knows what it means that it is cold, hard, and smells like creosote. It takes a bit of faith at first to believe anything is happening. With practice, and experience of results, it becomes normal and accepted.

At this point I’ll ask, “What is it going to take to shift this?” The answer will appear, like magic, from the unconscious. Perhaps a warm, pink liquid will flow over the ball and gradually dissolve it. Perhaps she needs to pick it up and love it. What ever is the first thing that pops into your mind is the answer. If you edit, or try to do something that makes sense to the conscious mind, then it’s not going to work.

I can hear you now. “It can’t be that easy!” Yes, it can. Yes, it is! Yes!

Haven’t we been complaining that it shouldn’t be so hard to create here? I told you that it’s not what you think.

It can be that easy!

Developing your feeling/perceiving senses.

Think about someone whom you love. Notice that you get an instant feeling. You don’t have to go through the list of his/her hair color, eye color, etc., or remember every interaction that you have had with him/her. You get a feeling sense of the whole. Practice feeling/perceiving different people. Switch back and forth until you have a solid awareness of that feeling sense. Now, try feeling a pet, a plant, a favorite painting or photo. Do you notice that you can perceive them without analyzing them? It can help to switch quickly, so your conscious mind doesn’t have time to interfere (it’s such a pest). This is the same awareness that you can use to perceive other things in the environment.

Most of us habitually keep our attention at only about 10-15 feet from our bodies (at best). It may take some practice to expand that awareness farther. Saint-Germain suggested that you spend time gazing at the horizon. I used to live in a house that had a fabulous view of most of the San Francisco Bay Area. Just standing on my deck and gazing into the distance would alter my consciousness.

Also spend time focusing your attention on something tiny, like a grain of sand of speck of dirt. Try alternating back and forth, close and far until you can perceive both simultaneously. (Alternating from focusing on distant to close is also good exercise for you eyes/vision.)


Feeling your brain and creating connections.

Take a moment now, close your eyes and breath deeply into you belly and relax.

Put your attention to the left side of your brain. Use that general feeling sense to perceive the energy there. Does if feel full or empty, hard of soft, warm or cool? Don’t analyze, just feel.

Now put your attention on the right side of your brain. How does this feel? Is it different from the left side? How does your body feel when you focus here?

Now feel both sides of your brain. Imagine the neurons (nerve cells) connecting the two side of the brain. Ask your body to create more neurons. Imagine and feels those connections growing. Set your intention that this process will continue at the optimum speed for you.


But what about creating stuff in the “real world”?

The ability to instantly manifest at will does exist. It is possible. However, there are a vast array of beliefs, implants and overlays (really large implants) that prevent us from expressing this ability. So, “Yes we can and no we can’t”.

You’ve heard that Jesus could turn water into wine and made fishes and loaves of bread appear out of nowhere. Not to mention walking on water. (I dreamed of walking on water last night. It was really fun!) There are yogis that can levitate and there is a whole new crop of children with amazing abilities. Yet, most of us are unable to achieve these feats… yet. The reason is that we are living in an overlap of two realities. In the Old Reality magical manifestations are not possible. In the New Reality, they are. A part of us believes and another part doesn’t.

So start small. Choose something that is not really, really important. I asked the Universe for a small ball that I could use to lean into the wall and get at a sore spot between my shoulder blades. The next morning there was a small ball in my driveway. But it was too small so I asked for a bigger ball. My neighbor came over to offer us a softball she found in her shed. Nice, but too big. The next day there was a tennis ball in my driveway. Perfect! Could I have another please? Within the next couple of weeks I found two tennis ball under my couch, one in the trunk of my car and another rolled down the street and stopped by my feet.

Each time a tennis ball appeared I expressed gratitude and asked for “more please”, meaning more magical manifestations. Eventually I got the joke and asked the Universe to not send anymore tennis balls right now.

Last year I really wanted a long, raspberry colored, silk skirt, and I wanted it to be inexpensive. I could totally imagine it, so soft and fine, yet it doesn’t hang flat.

“Where is it?” I asked.

Into my mind popped the image of Macys Department Store. So, I went to the store and headed in the direction that felt “right”. There on a sale rack was the perfect skirt and in my size! There was nothing like it anywhere else in the store. The skirt was on sale, marked down from $200 to $25! It was perfect. When I took it to the clerk she commented that she didn’t remember seeing that skirt in the store before. Curious.

So here’s the question. Did that skirt exist before? Did I create it and put it is the store, as I suspect? If that’s true, why didn’t I just create it in my closet and save time and money? My logical mind just wouldn’t let me do it that way. My mind is comfortable with the idea that the perfect skirt could exist at a store at a low price. I have experienced that before. I am not (yet) comfortable with the idea of it appearing in my closet (for free). If that did happen, if I can really just create stuff, if I’m really that powerful then, ______? Oh my God, my whole life would change! My whole reality would change. I’d have to change, a lot. My mind gives me all kinds of exciting, but also frightening scenarios. I could create a new car! But, how would I register it? How could I explain it to people? I could create a house, but then I’d have to move, too much work. What if people found out? I’d be swarmed or maybe committed! Ew, maybe I’d be crucified. It’s happened before.

Have you read Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, by Richard Bach? I highly recommend this book. Though it is short and was written way back in 1977, it is brilliant and absolutely timely. Richard meets the Messiah who is spending his life giving airplane rides from the fields of rural America. He doesn’t want the messiah job anymore. Every time he had performed miracles, like spontaneous healing, he was surrounded by people grabbing him and demanding that he heal them. It always turned out bad, real bad.

There are beliefs and implants, pictures and feelings stored in the unconscious mind, that prevent the spontaneous manifestations from happening. But, I can miraculously create if there is a possibility in my mind that I didn’t actually do it.

Here’s another example. A few years ago, I went to Hawaii for a friend’s wedding. I have a drawer in which I stash cash. I know I had put one hundred dollar bill my sister gave me as a gift to get a massage, and there was another hundred from something else, maybe a third. I also stuffed twenties in there. That’s what the Automatic Teller Machines spit out and I would grab one or a few and, without counting them, put them in the drawer.

Occasionally, I take the bills out and just enjoy them. I’ll actually toss them on my bed and play with them and savor them. Unfortunately, I was raised to believe that money was bad and dirty and only selfish people loved (and had) money. Sigh… Berkeley in the 1960’s and 1970’s was really like that. I am now learning to really like money. By enjoying and savoring the actual bills, I’m teaching my unconscious to love money.

Anyway, I thought that I had about $400 or $500 dollars in there. I hadn’t counted, however.

When I went to Hawaii, I grabbed $300 spending money. Our first day on the island, I paid with a check for the major food shopping for everyone in the house and people paid me back in cash. So I ended up with cash in my wallet when I got home. I went to put some cash back in my drawer and was surprised to discover that there were 3 hundred dollar bills and many, many twenty dollar bills still in there. It seemed as if I had at least as much money in my drawer when I got home as before I took out $300!

If I had carefully counted the money, and knew exactly how much money was in my drawer, I wouldn’t have been comfortable with there being more money in there. My logical mind went blank when I found more money in the drawer. It was like a blip on my memory. Did I have that money in there? Did I put more $100 bills than I remembered? Is there some logical explanation for this?

Have you ever had the experience of not knowing what happened? If reality doesn’t match what the mind “remembers” then there is a blank, confused place in the mind.

That happened when I discovered that my car was stolen. Monday morning, 7:40 AM, I exit my back door to drive my son to school. My car is not in the driveway!

“Where’s the car?”

First thing I think is that my son (who is almost 16, legal driving age in America, and who has started driver training) has moved the car to do a Halloween trick on me. But, he is also confused, telling me that the car is not parked on the street. Then my mind searched for an explanation and presented me with the idea that (somehow) I got really drunk or something last night and parked the car around the corner. For the life of me, suddenly I could not remember what I had done the night before! I had a moment of panic, “Oh my God, I don’t remember what happened last night!” (Perhaps, a flashback to college?) Then, with effort, I was able to retrieve the memory of the previous evening.

Folks, I’m a single mother of three school age kids. Sunday night’s activities included making and eating dinner (pasta, corn and salad) and trying to get the kids to clean up, take showers etc. There was no wild partying (oh well…).

Once I finally recalled the previous evening, I had to acknowledge that my car had been stolen. Yep, somebody stole my car!

The reason I told you that story is that when I was presented with a situation that was not congruent with my expectations, I had the experience of being confused and unclear of my memory. This is exactly what happened when I found the “extra” money in the drawer. I bumped into something that did not fit my version of reality and could not remember how much money I had before.

The unconscious mind will not allow magic to happen because of all the fear about what could happen next and what we believe it would really mean.

Here’s a list of some of the beliefs I have found in myself and others.

“If I really had the power to create consciously (to manifest money, cars, skirts, my desired body etc.) then…”

People would find out and I’d be put in a mental hospital or burned at the stake (again!) or crucified!

The government would find out and experiment on me, or make me do bad things for them.

I’d have to acknowledge that I created my current reality and could no longer blame anybody or anything else.

I’d have to make changes in my life, like leave my spouse, move house, confront my parents, etc.

I’d have to be perfect in all aspects of my life, no more excuses for a “bad hair day” or being sick, or saying “no”.

I could create something really bad when I’m angry or hurt. I could hurt or kill someone I love.

I’d have to be so very careful and cautious, all the time.

Let your imagination play. Imagine that you have just discovered that you can instantly manifest whatever you wish. You can do it! See the picture, feel it, be it.

What happens next? What happens when you tell your friends or family? Do you notice any anxiety or outright fear? Go with it. What’s the worse case scenario? Have there been lives in which you did have “magical” powers? What happened? These memories and scenarios are preventing you from magically and consciously creating now.

What decisions or vows did you make, based on those experiences? How did you judge yourself because of what happened?

Step back from the drama and trauma and see the big picture. Perhaps imagine your “after life review”, or expand to your Being/God Self and view the experience from there.

At your current level of consciousness, is it safe for you to have these powers again? Are you ready to let those old beliefs go?

Feel all the limiting beliefs and emotions that came up and un-create it all, now! Breathe and let it go! Notice how you feel with all that BS gone.

You will probably need to go through this process several times. Check back in regularly.

In your daily life, notice what you do create. Acknowledge your abilities and have gratitude. With time, the logical mind will accept the new reality of instant manifestation, just like my mind had to accept the new reality of a stolen car. If you let go of control, like when I didn’t count the money in the drawer, you are more likely to have miraculous experiences.

Welcome to Conscious Creatorhood!

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  1. I am glad that you enjoy my material. I can get stuck writing sometimes too. It’s all in my head, but… When that happens to me I skip the beginning and write what flows. Then I am usually “in the flow” and can write the beginning. Hope that helps.

  2. First off I want to say excellent blog! I had a quick question that I’d like to ask if you do not mind. I was curious to find out how you center yourself and clear your mind before writing. I have had difficulty clearing my thoughts in getting my ideas out. I truly do take pleasure in writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually lost just trying to figure out how to begin. Any recommendations or hints? Thank you!

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