The Event: A Fictional Story

January 2018

Imagine going to a movie… let’s call it “The Event”

First we learn about the everyday lives of people and it’s rather grim. It’s obvious that they are being oppressed and controlled. We see how their lives are mostly unhappy and limited.

We see the people in power, let’s call them Black Hats, doing some evil deeds, like planning another way to suppress the people or killing anyone who speaks against them. The situation is obvious to the movie viewer.

There is a person or a few people who want to fight to change the system. These are the heroes. Let’s call them White Hats.

The next scene is of a group of the heroes being confronted by the leader, the head Black Hat, who might have a single or a few armed bodyguards. He threatens and may or may not kill one of the White Hats. There are more WH’s than BH’s.

We think, “Why don’t they just kill him? Just do it when he’s out numbered. End it now!”

Somehow that never happens. The heroes back down. We feel the powerlessness of the oppressed and it is heavy.

The reason the people in the movie don’t take action is that the control grew slowly, over many generations. The Black Hats play the long game, over hundreds if not thousands of years. The power of the long game is that the limitations and controls are added slowly so that the next generation is raised within them. They only know about anything different when they are exposed to their parents grumbles, and we all know how kids feel about their parents stories about the “good old days”.

An example from the US: Before 1915 any income tax was only a short term, temporary move to fund wars. (Another good reason war is so profitable to the Black Hats.) In 1900 if the Federal Government tried to tax us at the level they do now, there would have been another civil war. But a few generations later and though we don’t like it, we have come to accept it as inevitable. We have been indoctrinated. What’s the phrase? “In this life nothing is certain but death and taxes.”

Getting back to the movie… When a few courageous people understand the truth and fight back, eventually the oppressors are defeated.

Here’s the pattern:
First a few speak about it and are laughed at as crack pots.
Then some people in the know start “blowing whistles” and sometimes they are killed and sometimes they are controlled by threats to themselves and loved ones. Still, they are considered by the masses to be woo woo wackos and possibly dangerous.
Below the surface the White Hats work with people from within the government and/or military/police and secretly meet to discuss the oppressors and how they hate being forced to do their bidding. Groups form in many areas, including some people from within the powerful Black Hats, and they hatch plans to overthrow the oppressors.

But the Black Hats have played the long game, and the White Hats have to play the long game too. (This is what creates the drama in the movie.) Though the masses are starting to wake up, most don’t know what they can do or are afraid to do anything and so they do nothing. The oppressors are aware that more people are catching on to them and that they can no longer convince the majority that the “awakening ones” are complete “wackos” and “conspiracy theorists” and so they get sloppy in their panic to regain control. This just helps convince those who were afraid to do anything that when the time comes, they will act.

When the time comes, when the plans are in place, the White Hats make their moves.  The White Hats attack and capture the Black Hats and now there are not enough loyal followers to protect them. What follows happens pretty quickly. The Black Hats are destroyed, either taken out of power, imprisoned or killed.

When the masses find out what has happened a certain percentage of them are in shock and don’t really understand. Many will fight to return to their old, familiar lives.

Eventually, the hero or heroes step into the spotlight and announce how the oppression of the past is over. They promise a new and better life. There may be drama, but at the happy ending we see them beginning to build a new world.

The End
When we watch this kind of movie we empathize with the powerless people and at the same time are amazed that they let it get so bad. As I wrote earlier, we think, “Just kill him now!”

It is obvious for the movie viewer, from the outside, that the oppressors are few and the people are many, so it should be easy to break free.

The thing is that this is our story and from the inside it is not so obvious.

It is not so easy to break free.

But we are doing it.

It is already happening and you have helped to bring this change.

We are creating our own Event, our New Earth and our happy ending. Regardless of if you have participated directly/physically in taking down the Old Energy, you are a hero. Yep!