The Aware Heart

November 2012

I’ve been working with a wonderful group of people in my Inter-dimensional Communication Program.  This program is designed to develop both “macro communication” with the Greater Self, Ascended Masters, Angels, Gaia etc. and also “micro communication” with our bodies, the individual organs, and even the cells.  The body has its own consciousness, as does each organ, etc.  An important tenet of the emotional freedom work that I do is that the being or consciousness always seeks to be seen and understood; to “get gotten.”  One of the most touching things that I’ve experienced with myself and with clients is the way the body and the different organs respond when the person perceives and greets them. If I were to translate the response into words, it would be, “Oh wow, she sees me!”  Imagine if a glorious Angel showed up, smiled right at you and said, “Thank you for being you and for all that you do.  I love you!”  What a life-changer that would be. Your smile would be so bright!  That is how your body and the parts of your body feel about you.  Over and over I saw the organs get all shiny and happy when the person greeted them. They transformed even more when they were told, “Thank you” and “I love you.”

This makes sense especially if you know Dr. Emoto’s work with programming water crystals.  Emoto’s researchers would speak specific words to the water or play music and photograph the crystal that formed when the water was frozen. The words love and gratitude created the most complex, symmetrical and beautiful crystals.

I’ve been exploring different states of consciousness by using specific breathing patterns and visualizations.  I’ll share more of my experiences in macro-communication at another time.  In this article, I’m writing about what I’ve learned “spelunking” within my own body.  (The final frontier?)  I’ve also researched various topics on the Internet.  One of my goals was to develop specific and reliable ways for people to awaken and expand their ability to access their own wisdom; their Greater Selves.  I’ve also been developing ways to communicate with other Beings at other levels of consciousness, such as within their bodies, plants, animals, fairies, ascended masters, etc.  The third goal was to create a quick, reliable technique to shift from regular waking consciousness to a relaxed, peaceful, harmonious and loving state.

I’ve been asked how I was able to perceive things that others can’t, from limiting belief systems and patterns to fairies and past lives.  I didn’t know how I did it so I did some exploring.  I expected that I would find that I saw these things through my third eye.  What I found is that it is a combination of the mind (especially the pineal and pituitary glands) and the heart.

ImagiCreation work is based on understanding the language of and communicating with and the so-called unconscious mind; the right hemisphere of the brain.  This is the part that runs the body and holds all the belief systems; all the stuff of which we have not been consciously aware.

Through biofeedback, meditation and/or yoga practices, people have learned to control some autonomic body functions such as heart rate and brain waves.  I think of these processes as being the first ventures into the understanding of the body and all its parts.  We are ready to expand our awareness.  The body is a fascinating and magical world just waiting for us to explore.

The Heart

While each organ and gland has a unique consciousness that is different from the others, the heart is special.  It’s like there is more life force there.  It is more intelligent and communicative.  I also perceived the heart as being particularly connected to everything else in the body.  The heart is the center of a complicated system within our bodies.

For several years I have used a technique to help people get more present in their bodies, especially when the intensity of physical reality sends them “out of body.”  More recently, I’ve made some changes to make it more effective and to make a conscious connection with the heart.

  1. 1. Start by taking three deep breaths.  With each exhale say, “Relax,” as you scan through your body and consciously relax anything that is tense.
  2. 2. Begin using the ImagiCreation Breath; Imagine and feel the breath coming in from all directions to your central chakra (combined heart and solar plexus) and simultaneously expanding out in all directions.*
  3. 3. Place your hand over your heart and feel it beating.
  4. 4. Pause at the end of the exhalation.  (Not so long that it is uncomfortable. With practice you will extend the length of the pause.)
  5. 5. Connect with your heart.  It beats away, 24/7, pumping life and giving oxygen and nutrients to your body.  The heart also pumps life force energy.
  6. 6. Relax, slow down, be still.
  7. 7. Greet your heart.  Express your gratitude for everything it does for you and if you are feeling it, express your love as well.  Perhaps your heart has a message for you.  A good question is, “What would you like from me (the soul)?”

*To help with this visual, imagine the air contracting from the atmosphere into your lungs.  At the same time the oxygen is being expanded out through your body.  As you exhale the air is expanding out to the environment while the carbon dioxide is contracting from throughout your body to your lungs.

If you take a few minutes every day – and even better, several times a day – to do this quick process it triggers a wonderful cascade of chemicals that will reduce pain, increase pleasure and improve creativity.


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3 thoughts on “The Aware Heart

  1. ImagiCreation’s Good Questions for Working with Bodies

    These questions are phrased for working with another person or to ask yourself.

    Is the person actually in their body?

    What do I need to know about this?
    What do I need to do with this?
    What is it going to take to clear or transform this?
    Is there emotional content that needs to be released?
    Does this belong to someone else?

    What is the point of creation?
    Is it from this life?
    Is it from a past life or lives?
    Is it an agreement from the pre-birth planning?
    Did it come through the biological line (Mom and or Dad)?

    Is there person’s energy balanced in their body?
    Is there a place that feels empty? (Often the lower half feels emptier.)
    Do I need to add something?
    Do I need to remove something?
    Do I need to move something?
    Is there an element (or elements) that needs to be added?
    Is there a color (or colors) that needs to be used?
    How are different areas connected?
    Is there emotional content?
    Is there judgment of certain energies (sexual, anger etc.)

    Is there a helper (angel, animal, fairy, god / goddess, saint, etc.) that can help?
    What is the helper doing?

  2. Thank you so much for the work that you do. I always feel lighter and clearer and more expanded after reading your articles.

  3. Thank you Sarah for all YOU BE…and the awareness and consciousness that you Be. I have not only comments, I know what you are saying as truth from the centre of being. We are energetic and infinite beings, co-creators. Our points of view create our realities. When we are being and choosing from being we can create our lives in the magical ness we be. What is that? and what does it look like? Live in the question
    What you have expressed is much of what I have learned from other modalities and a part of my journey, to here.
    jWhat I would really like is a response to asking you of your last teleseminar perhaps a month ago. You stated that you would post questions we could ask our bodies. I perceive from the space of embodying and the universe gifting us as we ask questions. It loves to give, do we love to receive? I am learning to allow all things and judge no thing. One of the statements of Access Consciousness.
    So could you post the questions that you stated in your last monthly session. It was about embodiement, which being the enegetic beings we are at a space of embodying more of us than we have ever imagined. I have known this a long time…this knowing has not been shut down. I am grateful for all you contribute and we are all contributions one to another. It is oneness, What else is possible in this moment for us, for the planet and beyonds…This is my comment and expression of joy from a grateful heart to live in these moments.
    Cindy C.

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