Shift Happens

I haven’t been able to write my usual article because I injured my wrists in my car accident and it hurts to type. So this is going to be short, sort of the cliff notes of an article. If you have never been in an accident where the airbags deploy you can’t imagine how fast and shocking it is. I’ve never even scratched the bumper of my car in over 35 years of driving. And of course, it wasn’t really an “accident”. I can see why it happened energetically, and what it changed and cleared. So I now have a newer, lighter “vehicle” to ride through physical reality. How cool is that?

All I can say is Shift Happens!

And I’m not the only person who is experiencing some significant transformation. Below are some examples of what’s been happening with people (other than me and my car crash). BTW I’m mostly fine, other than my wrists, which are getting better and I have bought another car to replace the one I crashed in.

I’ve noticed two specific areas of activity; our bodies and our relationships.

– Physical/body stuff like heart attacks, cancer, injuries and things that require surgery and even removal of body parts.

– Intense relationship changes like big fights that lead to breaking up or major changes to of all sorts of relationships.

The frequency of the planet is increasing and that means that we are too. The influx of energy is like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. Everything that doesn’t fit in the new reality/dimension is going away. There are many Beings that are working to make this shift as smooth as possible, if that’s what you choose. (I suggest that you choose this option.)

There are an infinite number of parallel realities. Which one you experience depends on what you expect or imagine and your ability to stay out of the drama of the Old Reality as much as possible. It’s really important to get support. We can’t do this all by ourselves. Connect with others who are aware of what’s really happening in these Transition Times, release any old, limiting belief systems and the emotions that hold them in place and connect with your Greater Self and Spiritual Support Team.

And of course, breathe.

We asked for change, we chose a New Reality and we are now birthing that reality. Giving birth is an intense, a life changing (and life creating) experience. I have three kids, I know about giving birth. And I know that we are going to make it. I’ve spent some time with my future self and the world feels sooooooo different. I feel so light, physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel safe, content, satisfied and joyous. The best is yet to come.

I keep remembering my future (Back to the Future!) and I’ve been giving my body lots of hugs and reminding her that we are safe. And YOU are safe too.

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