Revolution and Revelation: Buckle Up Buttercup!

Cosmic Tides Report for August 20 through the end of the month.

Buckle up Buttercup!

Astrologically, this is one of the most intense periods I can remember with sixteen astrological events happening this week! We had two full moons in Aquarius. The second one, one August 20th is what we call a Blue Moon. If something is really rare we say it happens “once in a Blue Moon.” I won’t go into huge detail with all the astrological configurations because that will take forever! Following the Blue Moon are some challenging aspects; Squares and Oppositions, a Grand Square, a Grand Cross. If I were to describe the general energy of these it would be “revolutionary transformation”. We are pushed and pulled, frustrated and confused. There is a long-term theme of Pluto square Uranus (June 2012 – March 2015) that is exposing the shadow and encouraging revolution and revelation. Right now Jupiter and Venus are forming a Grand Square with these two, expanding the intensity.

Later we get some more supportive and easier formations; many Trines and Sextiles, a Grand Trine, a Grand b and the most rare and magical, a Grand Sextile! The Grand Sextile happens on August 25th. It looks like a Star of David, two equilateral triangles overlapping and pointing opposite directions to create a six-pointed star. This is time of great transformation, personally and globally. It feels like we are being pushed through the “eye of the needle”. There is a lot of pressure and it feels like we can’t move forward. Hold to you truth, to your center for we are rapidly approaching the fast moving expansion as we pop out the other side. Yesterday (August 22nd) was the first day I felt like I could move, could think clearly and function. Today is better again. (I am able to write now, yeah! I wrote this really quickly, so please forgive any typos or errors.)

Before I looked at the astrology (thanks LuAnne for pointing it out to me) I asked Ahrazu/Osiris for some information about “what the hell is going on? And what is going to make this better! He “told” me that there are potentials opening to make a real shift. One of those shifts includes there being undeniable proof that Extra Terrestrials exist and are with us now. The quarantine that prevented this has lifted (though each planet has it’s own “policies” about who can participate with it). I’m not exactly sure, but this is taking place at the level of the government, military, financial institutions and controllers of oil and other power sources (the “cabal” that actually have controlled this planet for so long). Basically, the Old Energy is trying to stop this from happening. You can always tell when something cool and “New Energy” is about to happen because there will be news stories that make people feel anxious, afraid and powerless. The Old Energy Institutions are pumping up their fear tactics. Just be aware of this if you notice feeling “not yourself”.

Below is a list of some symptoms you might have:

Tired – but not able to sleep
Anxious or shaky
General malaise (just not feeling well)
Lack of appetite or unconscious eating (depending on how you react to stress)
Morning sweats
Chipmunk mind (more below)
Worry about your (or someone else’s) health and about the future

Ahrazu/Osiris gave me some suggestions for shifting.

  • Stop thinking.
  • Do regular gentle movement like yoga, stretching and walking.
  • Set a regular daily schedule to clear yourself, center/ground and connect with your Greater Self.

There are two ways that we ditch our bodies. One is when the soul leaves. This is a strategy to deal with extreme things like physical abuse. The other way is when we get lost in repetitive negative thoughts and worry (chipmunk mind). This is a way the Old Energy takes away our power and sucks us into their reality (Have you watched the news lately?). When we ditch our bodies the easiest way to return is to do gentle, conscious movement. Start with the breath, put your attention into the different areas of your body and notice any areas that are tense, dense or painful. Send your breath to those area to soften and lighten the energy. Then whatever movement you enjoy that is gentle and helps you to feel relaxed, comfortable and centered. Pay attention to your body and feel each movement.

I don’t usually suggest that we follow any rigid schedule for eating, meditating or exercising, but right now it is easy to go unconscious and forget who we really are. So when things are weird, detracting and challenging and you want to keep your frequency up, it’s a good idea to set a schedule.

And remember that you are an infinite being who can not fail! The rest is just the Earth Game. Play it lightly!

4 thoughts on “Revolution and Revelation: Buckle Up Buttercup!

  1. My irritability has made me want to run which I’ve done for the last two days and intend to do a wee bit more every day. It makes me feel more powerful, fit and alert. I haven’t run in years so have to make sure I don’t overdo it and then not want to continue. You’ve been on my mind, Sarah. I’m glad to hear your on the mend. xxx

  2. For me, it has been a VERY CHALLENGING month! A lot of chipmunk mind! And I cry and cry and cry!!!!!!

  3. Oh I love this article, no wonder I keep thinking I’m seeing a spacecraft in the sky lately, which is not what I usually think about.. And the feelings of apathy and “blah” have been more lately and just feeling like a need a time-out; yesterday I wanted to throw a tantrum as I was driving, getting so pouty about things (chipmunk mind big-time, love the name of this haha), then I realized most of this is the masses’ feelings, with all the intensity up right now. and then as I looked out on the roads and irritable drivers in front of me i “flipped the screen” to my greater self’s perspective and felt much better. Things also looked a little brighter n happier as I was driving. Wondering if anyone else is getting into altered states while driving, which has been happening for me lately. Like feeling like the other drivers and I are one body functioning together and seeing how we are all moving together creating a ‘composite experience’.. or seeing things from certain expanded views so that I meld effortlessly with the flow of traffic and feel no tension in myself or within the other drivers, which kind of feels like I’m space traveling and bending (changing?) time too bc it feels so smooth and enjoyable.. Can’t wait for the teleseminar this wkend woohoo!

  4. I really enjoyed this particular report. The idea of “old energy” using anxiety as a weapon to shift the soul from the body particularly resonated with me. Even if that weren’t true, old energy clearly uses anxiety to manipulate people into doing that which directly hurts them.

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