Qualities of Old Energy vs. New Energy

Before you were born your Greater Self, your Soul and your Mentor(s) arranged several opportunities for you grow and learn (or remember) what you truly came here to do and be. There are doors through which you may walk to say goodbye to your old life and small self and say hello to a bigger potential of your Soul.  These opportunities come in many ways.  Sometimes you meet a person who gives you a “bump” in another direction (a bump contract).  It could be a “coincidental” event like a book dropping from the shelf in a library or book store or a phrase you read on a bumper sticker or road sign.  Things like severe illnesses or accidents can also be opportunities in disguise.  Not every opportunity is made use of so we set up several.  If you feel you have missed your “chance” do not worry.  There will be other chances to embrace more of your self and enhance your your life, especially now as the opportunities are coming faster and the potentials are greater.

If you would like to open a new door and step through, remember it takes courage and trust; courage because any change requires you to stay conscious so you don’t fall into old habits; trust because sometimes the process feels uncertain or scary.

If you set your intention to step through the next door that opens for you, remember to ask for support from your soul family, Ascended Masters and the angels.  Several years ago I went through a life-changing experience that included severe illness that required a week in the hospital (five days in critical care).  St. Germain came to me through one of the doctors and game me a message.  I don’t remember the words, but he let me know that none of that “scary stuff” was going to happen and I was going to be fine. He also let me know that there was a reason for this experience, I hadn’t messed up, and I would eventually know what all this was about.  You can read more about that here: Osirian Initiation – My Trip to the Hospital.

I have created a list/table that specifies the attributes of the Old Energy vs. the New Energy so that when you are presented with opportunities to step through a new door you will know if it truly is something that supports your transformation and spiritual growth.
There is also a short audio (about 8 minutes) that goes more deeply into understanding this amazing  transformation and how to facilitate your progress.  This material is from excerpts from the third module of the Imagi-Creation Transformation Series, the module focusing on Self Love, Self Worth and Self Trust .

Old Energy New Energy
Complex – mind and thinking Simple – heart and feeling
Defining and describing with words Knowing with feelings
Polarity – good and bad etc. Unity – compassion
Hierarchy Respect for all levels of experience
Limitation and Contraction Freedom and Expansion
Judgment about and resistance to  “negative” emotions. Seeking perfection Allowance for what is.  Loving yourself just as you are
“Why am I creating this?” “What is it going to take to shift this”
Belief about what a “Spiritual Person” or “Master” is (like always loving and happy) Allowance for the “out picture” to be “imperfect”, to feel cranky or unhappy
Habit – reaction from unconscious programming Awareness – conscious action and choice
Control (or trying to control) Letting others be themselves.
Seeking enlightenment – the light/good Embracing light and dark
Constantly working on ourseves “It’s not all about you.” “Is this energy mine?”
Enlightened Master/Teachers tell you how to “follow” them to enlightenment Self wisdom – inner knowing
Allowance for different paths
Destiny or Fate Choice
Doubt and Fear Self love and self trust
Divinity/God is separate or is a separate part of you All of you is divine incl. physical, mental and emotional “You are God also”

4 thoughts on “Qualities of Old Energy vs. New Energy

  1. I have to thank you so much for posting this information. Truly a god sent! I have been struggling with this very issue for years. I am having trouble trusting myself and I feel like if I let an opprotunity past me by I will regret it, and this often gives me anxiety. I am not sure if I am following higher guidance or if I am just satisfying my ego. This guide gives me a better way of navigating through the uncertainty. Thanks again and god bless!!

  2. I love listening to your explanation, Sarah. Thanks for adding the audio. I wonder how tutors who have spent many years teaching personal development are going to alter their offerings. I’m sure some will stick with the old world style because that’s what they know – just like psychics predicting the future. What will the new world thinkers/feelers offer?

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