Outside of This Reality

April 2009


I live outside of this reality. It is really fun where I live. It’s not a different planet or a different dimension. It’s right here, where you are right now, only without the hypnosis and illusion. Yes, you are all hypnotized. You’ve been told that you are a chicken and you are all “cock-a-doodle dooing”!

The truth of you is so much greater than that. You are the creator! You have created this game of illusion. You created the hypnosis. For eons you have created, and then moved on and created more. You created a multitude of programs to limit yourself. It has been a very, very long time.

Are you ready to start destroying? Yes, destroying! All those creations you left behind have been rotting and stinking up your reality. Will you please now destroy all those old creations? Will you destroy all the illusions that you created that keep you limited to this reality?

You have come to believe that the story and programs that you created are you. The clothes you wear, the food you eat, the job you do, are all chosen by the story. Do you believe that you need food to provide nutrition and fuel for your body? It’s not true! The scientists now say that there is enough energy in your body’s mitochondria to power a city the size of San Francisco for four months! I can manifest and demanifest my body at will. I certainly don’t need food. The only difference between you and me is that I’m no longer hypnotized.

The true you is an infinite being. Take a moment to feel what that means. Connect to your inner knowing of your true self. Would an infinite being need food?

Are you willing to destroy everything that you have believed to be you in order to find out who you truly are? It takes courage.

Please take the step, I’m looking forward to playing in consciousness with you!

See you soon,
Count St. Germain