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Is your body happy?  Are you and your body enjoying yourselves and your life?  We are at a point in the Transformation when we meet to focus more on our bodies, because this time we are taking them with us!  There is no ancient wisdom from which we can receive help because what we are doing hasn’t been done before.  We are the wise ones who are creating the systems of understanding, writing the books and who will be teaching the ones who follow us.  This is not to say that there is nothing useful that was created before, only that at the goal now is not to leave our bodies and “ascend” as pure spirit.  This is new and we are making it up as we go.

You know how it is that you can see other people’s”stuff” and know how to shift it, but you can’t do the same thing with your own stuff?  What’s up with that?  Like so many of you, I am super empathic.  I used to pick up all the mental, emotional and physical pain of the people around me.  Large groups, especially loud ones, were challenging.  A lot of my focus and efforts for most of my life ( if not all ) has been to control my empathic gift.  ( It didn’t feel like any kind of gift for a long time! )  I discovered that healing/clearing my own wounds helped tremendously, since my own stuff wouldn’t be there to be triggered, this is especially important to work as a facilitator for others.  In one-to-one situations, I could handle it, but when I started teaching groups I suffered.  Often I could hardly get out of bed the next day.  Imagine feeling one person’s aching knee, another’s menstrual cramps etc., as well as everybody’s emotions.  Yikes!

So I created the hologram.  This is a representation, about 18 inches tall, or another person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual system.  I can perceive what is “in there” without feeling it within me!  Yahoo!  When working with large groups, even with people who are located physically all around the world, I can create a hologram to represent everyone, even those who listen to the recording in the “future”.

The hologram is super effective for working with others, but I was still challenged with my own stuff.  When working with another person, it’s like standing on a hill and observing the forest in the distance.  When trying to make changes within myself, it is like standing in the middle of the forest.  I can’t see farther that the trees in my immediately vicinity.  I know I am not the only person frustrated by this phenomenon, since almost everybody I talk to has expressed the same irritation.

It is my nature, when presented with an obstacle, to create something that either makes it go away or finds a way around it.  There is a voice in my head that tells me frequently, that ” it doesn’t have to be this way”.  I have been to the New Earth (the template of a new “game” that we are installing here, though currently it is still overlapped with the old “game”) and so many things are different there. (For more information read: The Line in the Temple: Journey to the New Earth )

I am determined to find a way for us to perceive and transform our own stuff without “falling into it” or merging with the pain.  It has taken some practice, but I have been able to successfully shift things in my own body, as long as the emotional content of the problem is not really big.  For the really dark, low-frequency emotions like shame, hopelessness, helplessness and fear, I would find myself drowning in the intensity.  There are several things about this experience that bother me.  I am willing, and have historically spent time slogging through the “shame swamp”.  But it is exhausting, definitely not fun and my eyes are red and swollen afterwards.  Bleh!

Emotions are part of the Earth Game that is different from other places/dimensions of experience.  I get that.  But, I do believe that our emotional experience is changing, along with the physical and mental parts.  Our emotions have a direct connection to our body, stronger and faster than the mind or soul.  Think about how fear can instantly turn your bowels to liquid.

I have put quite a bit of time and effort creating a way to perceive our emotions (suppressing them never works for long) and releasing them without drowning in them.  There have been a few surprises, one of which is my body is quite happy!   Running intense negative emotions is physically stressful!  I have developed a way to honor and respect the emotional parts without judgment, while maintaining the awareness and perspective of our Soul Self, so I can release and/or transform even really painful wounds.

Cari wrote to me after a session recently:

“Sarah, I just want to tell you how amazed I am at the difference a day makes!  After we worked with the various aspects of myself by getting to know each aspect and letting them have their say, it has been a 180 degree turnaround since the very next day.  It’s been a month now and my inner critic has been much quieter and I have felt much more at peace.  Thank you!”

Some of the things I know about our bodies:

Your body will literally create physical limitations if it is what your Soul desires or if that is the only way to get your attention about something that needs your attention.  Sometimes we are born with physical problems that stem from a past life.  Think about it… your body only has one life… and it is willing to manifest and experience the challenges of that limitation because it has so much love for you, the Soul.  Amazing!

Our bodies seek pleasure.  (The mind wants to know and understand, the soul seeks experience – regardless of whether the experience is deemed as positive or negative by the human.)  The best pleasure comes from being touched and touching others.  I am talking about a hug, a message, a kiss and making love.  Every parent knows how absolutely divine it is to hold your newborn, to actually tough your baby skin-to-skin.

It is only within the physical body that you can have these experiences of the self as completely separate from another, to touch skin-to-skin.  That’s one of the main reasons we chose to incarnate here.  Imagine how absolutely luscious and pleasurable human touch can be in the New Energy.  Yummy!

I know that right now human touch can be unsafe sometimes.  Since pleasurable touch is so powerful, there are a multitude of programs and belief systems designed to limit it, attaching fear and/or shame to it.  We are at the point in our evolution when, in previous cycles of incarnation, we would be ascending or heading that way.  This time we are taking our bodies too, so it is vital that we open communication and clear any embedded limitations.

Every Being (including your body and it’s sub-parts) longs to “getting gotten”, to be truly seen, heard and understood by a compassionate, non-judgmental “other”.  This is the safe space in which healing and transformation will spontaneously occur.  Each body has it’s own consciousness.  Each part of the body has it’s own consciousness.  You can communicate with all of your parts.  The challenge is stepping into and staying in the part of you that can be separate from your body, which I call your Soul Self, and from that perspective you can be the “other” that your body needs in order for it to get gotten. If you are listening, they can communicate with you.

As we integrate the New Energy, some it’s qualities have been made available to us.  In the past, when I got a message, I wanted the masseuse to dig into the sore spots, find the emotions that are stuck in the pain, and I would “jump right in”, amping up the pain and crying out the emotions.  This has worked for me many, many times.  Recently I tried something different.  I overdid it while preparing my garden and planting seeds and seedlings.  My neck and low back were very sore.  I shifted into my Soul Self and observed the pain, like I would with a hologram.  I didn’t poke, or try to push emotions out.  I simple paid attention, curious and compassionate.  Gradually the pain eased significantly.  This was definitely a “less is more” approach.

In the New Energy, we will be aware that everything has a consciousness.  The best place to start is at “home”, in our bodies.

You are invited to join us for the Happy Body Webinar, happening on Sunday, March 29, 2015.  It promises to be a yummy one!

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